Server Rules


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To enhance the enjoyment of others, we have some rules that we ask for you to follow. This page will be constantly amended and evolved as we see fit.


If you have a question, comment, or someone is causing a disruption on the server feel free to contact us on our Teamspeak, Discord, Forum or look for someone with an -[EUTW]- tag in game.

Note icon.png Remember that playing on our servers is a privilege and not a right you have because you bought the game. The EUTW administration team puts a lot their free time and money to keep these in operation. If you disagree with how we operate these servers or any of the rules below, please feel free to find another place to play.

Use common sense when you are playing on our servers. If you are pissing people off with what you are doing, then it’s probably considered disruptive.

Harassing or griefing

No harassing or griefing other players. However, this is a team game and calling people out for doing things which work against team elements is acceptable. Try to do so in a constructive manner.

English only on side channels

Please respect that we have many different nationalities from all over the world playing on our server. We have instituted a policy that English is the only language that should be spoken in all of the main channels (Command and Side). If you wish to speak in your native language, please form a squad and speak only in the group channel or use a teamspeak server.

Forbidden names

Players with names we deem offensive, are too short (Minimum 2 Characters), or the name “Admin, Administrator, non-standard characters, or unauthorized use of -[EUTW]- tags” will be kicked (Or banned in the case of multiple returns after requesting) until it has been changed. If you use squad.xml then this also includes not using offensive images or squad names. It also includes names that are in other languages as well.

Reporting players

Report those breaking the rules to the admins asap with detailed information so that we can help, do not take matters into your own hands. Ask in-game if there is an admin around, hop on our Teamspeak, Discord or post on the Forum.

Don’t forget to follow all instructions from our administrator team. This is anyone with [EUTW] or [EUTW-PVP] in the start of their names.


If you are caught Hacking and/or Cheating this will result in a permanent ban.

Sys Crystal important.png We have a ZERO tolerance policy for this type of behavior.

Exploiting – Our mod is a constant work in progress and there will likely be exploitable bugs. If you find something, it would be greatly appreciated if you reported it to us on our Forum. If you are asked by an admin to stop doing that is disrupting the game for others, it’s highly recommended that you follow these instructions or be permanently banned from our servers. This also includes issues with the Arma 3 core platform with things such as glitching or duping.

General teamplay


Strictly no intentional killing or wounding of team mates. As it’s part of the game, we realize this does happen from time to time with team damage enabled, so just apologize, attempt to heal if you can, and move on.


DO NOT undermine your own team in any ways. That’s including but not limited to: giving away vehicles, items or any kind of information to the enemy.


No stealing from teammates (vehicles, backpack items, UAV’s, etc.). However, stealing from the enemy on the battlefield is perfectly acceptable.

Disruptive gameplay

No disruptive gameplay. If your team is complaining at you for doing something, then this is probably considered to be disruptive which you should cease immediately.


Personal vehicles

Vehicles that are not for general use remain locked until the purchaser unlocks them. Once a vehicle is open, anyone has the ability to enter it. Stealing a vehicle or entering a position other than a passenger without the owners consent is considered to be disruptive. If you are asked by the owner to get out, please oblige that request as they may be running a squad operation that requires it.

Vehicle donations

There are some cases when some people donate vehicles to the team in base. Typically this is communicated in the side channel. If you are unsure, ask before taking control of it.

MHQ Vehicles

Note icon.png MHQ’s are not your personal transport devices

Their overall use should be targeted at giving your team a front line spawn point for an assault. Doing any of the following with MHQ’s could get you kicked (or banned in the case of repeated offenses)

DO NOT drive the MHQ a short distance because you are too lazy to walk.

If you see an MHQ supporting an assault on a capture point and you have a better idea. Let your team know what you are planning to do.

Organize MHQ'S

In General, it is not recommended to drive the MHQ into the middle of a point that is owned by the enemy team and/or currently undergoing an active assault. There are some cases when this gatecrashing tactic can beneficial, but most of the time it shows a blatant disregard for your team and it’s likely get destroyed quickly. Let your team know what you are planning to do so and communicate accordingly.

Ramming vehicles

Intentionally ramming any air vehicle into another vehicle (either ground or air) is forbidden and considered disruptive gameplay. This could result in a kick (or ban for repeat offenses)


Friendly UAV’s not purchased by you should not be connected to your terminal without the permission of the owner. If you are unsure who the owner is, ask in side chat. If you do take control of one and the owner asks for it back, we ask that you oblige their request and disconnect the UAV.

Enemy and friendly HQ

Intentionally running over friendlies in your own base is forbidden and considered disruptive gameplay. Bases are protected by automated defenses. You can try to attack them, if you feel lucky. Setting ambushes in the vicinity of the enemy base is allowed, but don’t complain if you get killed by a player who is still invulnerable from the base protection.