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EUTW is an international gaming community with a specific focus on Arma 3. We run 2 servers with our own mod we call “EUTW PVP Warfare“.

"I could lie and tell you I'm a hardcore gamer - I'm not"
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EUTW PVP Warfare

EUTW PVP Warfare is a tactical orientated PVP team mission for ARMA III. Tell me more...

Crosshair - Off | Third Person - Off | Advanced Flight Model - Optional

CubeIconAnim.gif Gameplay 101

VehiclesIconAnim.gif Game mechanics

ClassesIconAnim.gif Advanced gameplay

CurrencyIconAnim.gif Economy

Network serverIconAnim.gif Server Rules

Advanced TacticsIconAnim.gif PLAYER CLASSES

Advanced Tactics.png Rifleman(light) (15 slots)

Advanced Tactics.png Autorifleman (5 slots)

Advanced Tactics.png Rifleman(AT) (5 slots)

Advanced Tactics.png Sniper (5 slots)

Assorted stuff

LIVE: Detailed serverstatus

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