General gameplay



Note icon.png This page should enable a new player (you) to quickly get into the game and start playing.

Before you connect be sure to read the Server Rules.
When you need all the details on how to play then read: Game mechanics.


Crosshair - Off | Third Person - Off | Advanced Flight Model - Optional | Optional MODs

Each of the missions contains a unique set of capture points that are connected to create a strategic web network.


The main goal is to capture connected points marked with flags. The team which captures all of the objectives, win.

Each team has 4 player classes to choose from, and the chosen class dictates what equipment you can use and what you are restricted from using.

You get basic credits every minute while on the server and you get extra credits for killing players, destroying vehicles, helicopters and jets. That enables you to use the shops to buy tactical gear, vehicles, helicopter, drones and jets to support your team.

Join server

You can connect directly:


Or you can use your ingame arma3 serverbrowser where you can set your Server browser FILTER

Select team

TeamSelectionScreen grab.jpg

When you reach the lobby screen you have team selection on the left, class selection in the center and connected players on the right.

In the team selection (see picture above), take a look at the player-count on each team and select the team with the lowest number of players.

Nobody likes playing with uneven player-counts. This is most important when the server population is low. When the server is near full a slight lack of balance in the numbers does not have a big impact.

Select soldier class

In the center of the lobby screen each team has 4 player classes to choose from, and the chosen class desides what equipment can or cannot be used. You can switch player class during the game by going back the the lobby and selecting another empty slot.

Each team have 4 classes to choose from:

You can read more about items and classes here

Connect to game

Now is the time to click some "OK"'s, and enter the game.



After you have picked a side and a soldier class and have clicked some "OK"'s you will spawn in your team headquarter (HQ).

Note icon.png There are 2 kinds of map layouts
  • Default (Has AA, airports and jets)
  • LITE (No AA, airports or jets) and vehicles price is doubled compared to default layouts

When looking at the map ingame you press H to see the map legend



NOTE: There is several maps and layouts on the server. The map above is just an example

In this example we have entered the server as BLUFOR and we now look at our map displayed above.

North side of the map is our (BLUFOR) Area. Main Base right and Airport left top (the big circles in the top). South side is OPFOR area with their Main Base top area and Airport at the bottom (the big circles bottom left).

Our 2 mobile spawnpoints (MHQ-ALPHA, MHQ-BRAVO) are strategically placed, and can be moved if needed elsewhere.

We have advanced very well and because OPFOR only have one capture point (flag) left, then the game has entered Sudden Death gamemode at "Cancon". Cancon (their last flag) can therefore not be recaptured and will continue to drop even without BLUFOR players inside. So OPFOR need to attack another flag.

The only flag that OPFOR can attack is the one connected to "Cancon" because you need to have a line on the map from a flag you own to a flag you want to attack.

If OPFOR do not capture the flag then BLUFOR win and the server will continue to next (random) map.

Vehicle.jpg Servicepoints, those can be used by everyone, they provide the option to rearm, repair or refuel your vehicle in the field.

Boatshop.jpg Boat shops, orange ones are free for everyone, the yellow blue and red ones are tied to the flags they are close to).

Create/Join Group

GroupManager grab.jpg

You maybe want to create or join a group (squad) before you rush to the frontline.

To do so you press ESC and select the "Group Manager" or use the vanilla keybinding for the Group Menu ( U )

Mainmenu grab.jpg

Then you can create, join, switch or leave a group.

Joining a squad has many perks for you and the entire team. You can also join a squad by going next to a player you want to join, than press and hold 'T' and click on join players squad.

Storage container and HQ shop


In the main base (HQ) next to the little building there is a Storage container with free items/equipment for you. When you have equipment you do not need anymore or you are about to disconnect you can put the items in the container for others to use. (If you just drop stuff on the ground it will despawn after a while)

The shops in HQ contains the full assortment of gear to buy. When in HQ scroll your mouse to get to the shop option.


Read more about shops.

Where to go from spawn (HQ)

To get to the front you can either walk, fast travel or buy a vehicle.

To fast travel from HQ scroll the mouse and select "Fast travel". Then you see the map and can click locations (see below) where you want to go.

From HQ you can fast travel to this locations:

  • Strategic capture points (flags) providing that the point has at least 75 of 100 tick points in your team's color
  • MHQs (Mobile Headquarters)
  • MIP (Mobile Insertion Point)

If you have read this page and + Server Rules then you could join the war now...

... OR continue to read about all the Game mechanics