Game mechanics


Connecting to the server

Strategic capture points

Each of the missions contains a unique set of capture points that are strung together to create a strategic web network. At the beginning of the game, teams must capture points that are connected to any of the pre-captured points on the map and continue on down the lines until all points are captured.



Each capture point has a total of 100 points and will tick down faster the more teammates that are located inside the capture zone. Also note that enemies that are also contesting the point will affect you ability to capture that point, so it’s best to seek out and remove the remaining threats.

Capturing points

Capture points on the map range into 2 colors:

  1. Brown = Guerilla - Controlled by AI, only present in early-game when a part of the objectives are owned by this faction.
  2. Red, Blue, or Green = Corresponds to the team that owns it either pre-captured or scouted

Before a point can be owned by your team, your must capture it first. In order to do so, you must be standing inside the radius indicator that surrounds the flag which we refer to as a “Capture Zone”.

The more of your teammates that stand inside the capture zone, the faster the capture points will tick down and ultimately become owned by your team. Note that your team can only cap with a maximum of 5 points per tick (explained below). Having more is nessecary in the case one of your teammates are killed or the enemy tries to defend the flag.

If you have died inside the capture zone and are awaiting revival, your presence will not affect the capture speed unless you are revived.

Capture speed influence

A single player inside an enemy capture zone will influence the point tick down at a rate of 1 point every 15 seconds (tick) for a single person in the zone

All players are taken into consideration per side while inside a capture point, the relevant number is the difference in player count between both teams.

For each overhanging player the corresponding team caps/defends the flag by 1 point per tick, with a maximum of 5 points per tick.

Dead enemies and AI are not included in the capture influence. Players that have been revived will continue to contribute once they are back up.

Sudden death

When any team has only 1 Flag left, the last flag will after a random period of time recieve Sudden Death. That means that the Flag will automatically go down by 1point / tick, without enemies inside the circle (enemies can speed it up to a max of 5 points/tick).

The defending team CAN NOT capture the flag back, while Suddendeath is ongoing, they also do not count against the present enemy in the calculation for the capture rate.

The only way to remove Sudden Death is for the loosing side to capture any other point. As soon as the loosing team has more than 1 point, Sudden Death will stop and the point can be recaptured.

When Sudden Death stops the flag will NOT regain its missing points, so be carefull the enemy can still capture it.



The map can be used for a number of things from navigating, updating friendly and spotted enemy positions, flagging personal waypoints, and giving squad command orders.

To give yourself a single waypoint - Find the location on the map you want to mark. Hold down the "Shift" key and "Left Click" to mark the point. You will then have a distance indicator on your first-person HUD to the marked location. It can be deleted by placing the cursor over it and pressing the "Delete" key.

Double clicking on a spot on the map will put down a marker and label it. Pressing the "Up" or "Down" arrow keys will cycle through the available marker symbols. Holding the "Shift" key and pressing "Up" or "Down" keys will cycle the color of the marker you are placing.

PlaceMarkerOnMap small.gif

It's recommended practice to add timestamp to the label.

With the "Show to" dropdown you can determine who can see the marker.

  • Side Channel = Your Team
  • Group Channel = Your Squad
  • Vehicle Channel = If not in a vehicle then only yourself. If in a vehicle then all passengers

Placing markers can be useful for helping communicate enemy positions to your teammates or signaling an action to suggest they take such as attacking or defending.

Markers placed yourself and others can be deleted by placing the cursor over it and pressing the "Delete" key. Be sure to verify with your team that a marker has been resolved before deleting it.

Situational awareness
Situational awareness during a mission is key to winning regardless of your playstyle.

Utilize the map and communication tools to see where all your teams equipment and teammates are at to assist you in making better choices as to where you should move next.

Voice communications

We currently have two options for voice communications:

  • Teamspeak <-- direct link opening in your teamspeak client
  • In-Game VOIP

The most commonly used among most players is the In-Game VOIP. Due to the fact that we have many different nationalities that play on our servers, we ask that you speak English on all of the open broadcast channels (Side and Command). Please reserve speaking in your native language to Group and Direct Channels.

The In-Game VOIP has several channels which can be used for communications. To speak in a channel the default key is "Caps Lock" for push to talk. You can change the broadcast channel by pressing the "." (dot) and "," (comma) keys.

Some like to use voice activation by pressing the "Caps Lock" key twice in succession. We highly recommend you disable the voice activation command to prevent accidental use and annoying your teammates.

Below is a brief description of each of those channels:

  • Global Channel
    • This channel is completely blocked and cannot be used for VOIP
  • Side Channel
    • This channel will only communicate with those on your side (team)
  • Command Channel
    • Command channel will only broadcast to those who are squad leaders. Nobody else will be able to hear this channel
  • Vehicle Channel
    • Vehicle Channel will communicate with those in your vehicle only
  • Group Channel
    • Group Channel will only communicate with those in your squad
  • Direct Channel
    • Direct Channel will only communicate with those in your immediate vicinity


You spawn/respawn in your Team Headquarters and to get to the front you can either walk, fast travel or buy a vehicle.

To fast travel from HQ scroll the mouse and select "Fast travel". Then you see the map and can click where you want to fast travel.

From HQ you can fast travel to:

  • Strategic capture points (flags) providing that the point has at least 75 of 100 tick points in your team's color
  • MHQs (Mobile Headquarters)
  • MIP (Mobile Insertion Point)

Fast travel


You can Fast Travel FROM the flag:

You can Fast Travel TO:

If the layout features Jets, then you can Fast Travel to and from Team Headquarters to the Airport where you can purchase and takeoff with the jet.

When spawning or teleporting there is a 60 second cooldown before you can Fast Travel again.


BuyParachute composite.jpg

Players can only parachute from the big helicopters that have a ramp.

Players can buy the parachutes inside these helicopters for 300cr.

How to use the Parachute System

Death and reviving teammates

Death can be caused by a number of things:

  • Killed by another player or player controlled vehicle
  • Killed by AI
  • Killed by environment (Falling, fire, vehicle collision, proximity to primary or secondary explosions, etc...)

After you are incapacitated, you have two options.

  • Wait for someone to revive you. In the upper-right corner you will see a timer that has two timers. The first is a 60sec timer that indicates how long you will have to wait before you can respawn at a location. The second is a 240 second timer that indicates how long until you completely bleed out and are forced to respawn. Below that is the name of a teammate who is close to you alongside his distance away.
  • Hit the "Respawn" button (or press SPACEBAR), then when the timer reaches 180 or below you can redeploy at your HQ, an MHQ, or a captured point from the spawn selection map.
  • If you do nothing then you will automatically redeploy at your HQ when the timer reaches zero.

Reviving and moving downed teammates
Anyone can revive a downed teammate by proceeding to their marked location, scrolling your mousewheel to open the action menu, and selecting the "First Aid" option.

In addition to reviving teammates, you also have options in the action menu to drag them to a safe location for revival there.

ProTip: Throwing smoke can be a valid tactic in concealing movements into open areas and rescue a fallen teammate.

Switching team mid-game

When switching teams mid game, you will recieve a small monetary bonus, similar to the "join in progress" bonus.
It depends on your last connection time on the new team and is capped to 15000Cr.

Switching player class mid-game

When switching player class midd game there are basically 2 scenarios:

A) All your gear is compatible to the new class
B) Some parts of your gear are not allowed on the newly selected class

In case of B) all items not fitting the new class will be removed from your inventory and if needed replaced by the standard item of that class.

You also will receive a refund on all removed items, that you personally bought, so no refund on stuff from the share-box.

Team Headquarters


Each team has an HQ which is indicated on the map by two hashed circular areas that say "HQ".

This is a safe zone for you and your team to strategize, purchase items/vehicles at the store, rearm, and mobilize.

At your HQ you have two free vehicles which are called MHQ's or Mobile Headquarters. These vehicles can be driven to a point on the map to allow players to spawn. Please refer to the section on MHQ's for more information. Players can also buy additional MIPs vehicles that act as mobile spawnpoints.

Note that the full compliment of weapons, items, and vehicles are located here in the HQ and currently cannot be accessed from anywhere else on the map.



The MHQ (Mobile Headquarters) is an important piece of hardware to assist in mobilizing your team to forward locations quickly. When you are in a friendly MHQ, there will be an MHQ indicator and text at the top-center of your screen.

Each team has two of them (Alpha/Bravo) at their disposal in the form of covered transport trucks. These can be driven by anyone on the team and are persistently marked on the map with their status of either "Moving", "Deployed", or "Destroyed".

After an MHQ is in position, you can spawn on it by using the scroll menu at your HQ.

If an MHQ is destroyed, it will reappear back in at your HQ after one minute.

MHQ tips:

  • MHQ's are best if they are driven by players who can fix vehicles (Equipped with a Toolkit, mostly referred as Engineer), or at least you have one teammate with a toolkit with you. Even the best of drivers run into things such as trees, rocks, ditches, etc...
  • If you happen to accidentally damage the MHQ or if it is damaged by the enemy, feel free to call out on side channel that you need an Engineer to come and fix it for you. Alternatively and in some cases, if you have explosives, you can destroy it yourself so that it spawns back at your base for another rollout.
  • DO NOT take the MHQ right into the middle of a Strategic Capture Point that is in the process of being capped, has active firefights, and enemies that are still able to spawn. Take a look on the map, search for hills, forests, or even man made structures to try to find a suitable hiding place ~300-400 meters away from the flag pole itself.
    • MHQs are not your personal transport vehicles, they are essential for your team in attacking/defending Strategic Capture Points, so be careful how you move and place them.


MIPs (Mobile Insertion Points) can be bought and work as additional MHQ spawnpoints for your team.

The vehicle must be crewed and stationary in order to have the ability to spawn on it. MIPs captured by the enemy won't serve as MIP for their team, so every team can only use their own MIP capable vehicles as a Mobile Insertion Point.

Weapons, vehicles and items

The acquiring of Weapons, vehicles and items can be accessed in one of several ways.

  1. Purchasing in the various Shops.
  2. Given to you by other friendly players (Only with their permission - if you take gear or vehicles from your teammates which is not yours is against the rules and may result in a ban.)
  3. From ammo and rocket crates
  4. From vehicles inventories
  5. At captured flags shop
  6. At the Storage container in main where people put items they no longer need. Free stuff 💗
    (Before you disconnect please put all your gear in the shared "Storage container" for others to use)

You will have a selection of the full compliment of weapons, items and vehicles only at the HQ Shop.

Death and maintaining your items

Weapons and many of the items you purchase for your character are persistently held on to for the remainder of the mission.

When you die you will respawn with the same kit that you had when you died. Used consumables such as grenades, ammo, explosives, and rockets will need to be replenished manually after they are expended.

Vehicles you purchase will still be there when you respawn. Empty vehicles will despawn (be deleted) after being empty for 20 minutes.

If you are so unlucky to get disconnected from the server and you reconnect shortly after and select same slot as you had before, then you will still have all your gear and vehicles.

Repacking partially expended ammo clips

Repack grab.jpg

During the course of the battle, you may find yourself in the field with several magazines which have a low number of rounds. As of Version 1.96 we have added a magazine repack script.

Magazine Repack menu CTRL + R

You can then drag the partially expended magazines into the slots on the right side to combine them.

Vehicle cleanup

In order to maintain the server performance there's a 20 minutes timer on each player which will remove the players' vehicles if the timer hits 0.

The timer gets extended by 10 minutes if:

  • The timer is below 10 minutes and the vehicle is occupied or a player gets in/out.

Fuel Consumption

Custom fuel consumption on air vehicles (also drones) based on fly height.

  • The additional fuel consumption is calculated via a TimeToFly variable and spans up from the minimum height up to the max height where the full consumption is added
  • For fixed wing and VTOL vehicles, the plus fuel consumption starts at 250m and maximizes at 1500m height above terrain level, where 5 minutes of fly time is expected
  • For rotary wing vehicles, the plus fuel consumption starts at 50m and maximizes at 500m height above terrain level, where 5 minutes of fly time is expected

Vehicle cleanup

There's a 20 minutes timer on each player which will remove the players' vehicles if the timer hits 0. (in order to maintain the server performance)

The timer gets extended by 10 minutes if:

  • The timer is below 10 minutes and the vehicle is occupied or a player gets in/out.

Service points

Repairing, refueling and rearming your vehicle can be done at multiple places for a cost:

  • At your main HQ
  • At captured flags (at the flagpole, only refuel and repair)
  • At open Service Points Link= (Those are the same for any vehicle)
  • Additionally, you can buy vehicles, which have these service capabilities. (no service cost)

Fixed-Wing aircraft

Default missions (not light missions) have jets.

You can teleport to the airfield at your HQ by selecting "Fast travel" in the action menu at the HQ Flag, click on your team's airport, then buy a jet or other aircrafts at the airport flag.


There are two types of unmanned vehicles avaiable: Quad rotor UAV (Available under backpacks) and a Fixed Winged UAV.

To use a Fixed winged UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) you need to do the following:

  1. Purchase a UAV Terminal from the shop (Scroll your mouse wheel to activate the Action Menu and select "Shop Menu". Use the pulldown to select "Items")
  2. Buy the UAV from the VehicleShop
  3. The UAV should be automatically connected.
  4. If not : Scroll your mouse wheel and select "Open UAV Terminal". Find your UAV on the map (Which will either be in the air or on the ground depending on the type you purchased), right click on it, and select "Connect to UAV"
  5. You are now able to control your UAV.

All of the UAVs have their laser designator removed.


Note icon.png You can buy different DLC gear and vehicles in our shops, but watermarks will appear on your screen overtime if you do not own the relevant DLC.

Those are:

Arma3 exp icon ca.png
Apex DLC
Arma3 heli icon ca.png
Helicopter DLC
Arma3 mark icon ca.png
Marksman DLC
Arma3 tank icon ca.png
Tanks DLC
Jets logo ca.png
Jets DLC

Making money

To learn more about the economy and how you make money in the game, please visit the Currency page.

Main base (HQ) shop

The full compliment of gear is only available at the main base (HQ) shop.


To access the HQ shop scroll your mouse wheel and select "GearShop" or "VehicleShop".

Flag shop

If your team owns a flag, you will be able to purchase a select number of items and vehicles at the flagpole itself.

Airport shop

In the Airport shop you can buy bigger air vehicles like Jets or VTOLs.

Next to every Airport shop you also have a Service Point to rearm, refuel, or repair you vehicle.

Boat shop

If the Boat shop is part of a Flag or Base, you can use it as long as the Point is owned by your team.

If it's a standalone Boat shop, you can use it at any time.

Storage container

  • Free stuff for you 💗

In the main base (HQ) next to the little white building there is a storage container wich contains free items for you. When you have equipment you do not need anymore or you are about to disconnect you can put the items in the container for others to use. (If you just drop stuff on the ground it will despawn after a while)

NOTE: Before you disconnect it is good for your team if you drop all your equipment in the Storage container for others to use.