When the game begins, you have 3000 credits which you can spend in any way you like with items in the Shops.

The economy in game will vary as the match progresses, players leave, and new players come in which creates an economy that comes and goes in waves.

As the match goes on, players will earn money in the following ways:

Earning money

Base Income

  • 250Cr / minute - If there are at least 5 players on the server

Early bird bonus

  • 50Cr / Minute - If there is 1 playeron each team and if the total number of players hasn't reached 20.

Player kill

  • 300cr
  • +80Cr - IF the victim is within 60m of any of the non-owned objectives (attack bonus)
  • +150Cr - IF the victim is within 60m of any of the owned objectives (defend bonus)

AI kill

  • 100Cr

Objective captured

  • 1000Cr -- Globally

Objective offense/defense

  • 50Cr / Point - IF inside capture circle
  • 25Cr / Point - IF outside capture circle - Within 120m

Helicopter transport

  • 250cr * (1 - e^[-travelled KM])
  • For paradrops its 125cr base bonus
Conditions for payout:
  • To Attackable or defendable (<99/100) objectives or back to HQ
  • Minimum distance from objective: 600m
  • Minimum travel distance: 500m
  • Distance is "as the crow flies" (the shortest distance between the pickup and the drop-off points), the actual distance traveled does not matter.
  • The pilot needs to be located in the pilot seat while the passengers exit.

As long as the above conditions are met then the Bonus is paid out the second a player leaves the vehicle (Parachuting, Landing & Drop-off).

Money Bonus for Heli Transport.png

Parachute income

  • 100cr - Helicopter Pilot gets it if someone jumps (buys a parachute)

Player healing

  • 50r/heal - Only players equipped with a Medic Kit

Player revive

  • 300cr - Only players equipped with a Medic Kit

Detecting mine

  • 100Cr - Only players equipped with a Mine Detector

Disarming mine

  • 300Cr - Only players equipped with a Toolbox

Vehicle Kills

Each vehicle type (car, MRAP, tank,...) has a reward pot when its at full health. Depending on the overall damage dealt the player is rewarded by a part of that pot.

  • The vehicle must have been manned by the enemy in the past 1min
  • Repairing the Vehicle resets the reward pot.