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Below is a list of the changes we've made to the mission.

Version 2.07.04


  • Players now can reset the jet planes' canopy and seat after an ejection. They either need to be inside the airfield area or need to be an engineer with an equipped toolkit.
  • Added an intro text at the beginning of the mission which shows layout name, date, time and the world name.
  • Locking a vehicle now locks the vehicle inventory as well.
    • If the vehicle is locked, only the players who are inside the vehicle or the vehicle owner can access its inventory.
  • Added dynamic weather and start time.
    • On every mission start, a new weather setting will be set which is based on controlled random values.
    • Periodically new values will be set and the weather will gradually move towards those values.
  • Added a shared (team) container to the HQs, where players can put their non-needed gear. The contents of the container won't be cleaned up.
  • Added additional lights to HQs.
  • Added hit bonus reward hitpoint configurations for drones.


  • Added Stealth Balaclava (Goggles) to NATO UK and NATO UK Pacific faction.


Bugs and Issues

  • Fixed some vehicleshop loadout issues (not showing correct information).
  • Fixed: Service point scripts would still run even if the vehicle was destroyed.
  • Fixed: UAVs with removed Laserdesignator had an empty selectable weapon.
  • Tweaked: Opening the inventory of a locked container will open the inventory display without accessing the locked inventory instead of just closing the inventory display.
  • Tweaked AI spawning. Now they are less likely to be spawned inside objects.


  • Tweaked Base protection AA missile targeting. The missile lock-on is now more reliable.
  • Selecting AA tanks to fire now takes the AA tanks' visual on the target into consideration as well.

Version 2.07.03


  • Added support for Pylon loadout presets.
  • Added +100% price increase on AT launchers and AT ammunition on LITE layouts.
  • Improved gearshop UI description field.
  • Added max load description parameter to gearshop (vest/uniform/backpack).
  • Improved vehicle placement feature, now it supports placement on top of objects.


  • Increased the price of PCML from 2000cr to 2500cr
  • Increased the price of RPG7 from 1500cr to 2000cr
  • Increased the price of RPG42 from 1750cr to 2250cr
  • Increased the price of Titan AT from 4200cr to 4700cr
  • Increased the price of Titan AA from 4000cr to 4500cr
  • Increased the price of Titan AA missile from 2000cr to 2500cr
  • Increased the price of Titan AT missile from 3500cr to 4000cr
  • Increased the price of PCML missile from 2000cr to 2500cr
  • Increased the price of RPG42 rocket from 2000cr to 2500cr
  • Increased the price of RPG7 rocket from 900cr to 1400cr
  • Added Leg Strap backpack for 750cr to all factions and classes.
  • Added Messenger Backpack to Syndikat for 1000cr
  • Added EOD vest to Syndikat for 3000cr
  • Added EOD vest to CSAT for 12500cr (Higher price due to protection synergy with CSAT uniform armor)
  • Added Guerilla Garment (Olive) uniform to AAF for 1000Cr
  • Added Wireless Earpiece to 250Cr


  • Added KH-3A Fenghuang with GBU bombs to CSAT vehicleshop for 23000Cr.
  • Added MQ-12 Falcon to NATO vehicleshop.
  • Added various pylon loadout presets to the vehicles. Note: some of the loadouts are only available on regular layouts.

Bugs and Issues

  • The vehicle placement dummy vehicle now has also the correct pylon loadout shown visually.
  • Fixed: Players were able to access the mag repack dialog while controlling an UAV (the Ctrl+R keybind didn't work for radar toggle).
  • Fixed: Players were able to heal themselves at base with UAV.
  • Fixed: Friendly roadkill could cause critical hit.
  • Gearshop: Now all the items are indented just like the ones with a dlc requirement.
  • Fixed: if a uniform was configured to be used by a specific faction, the gearshop purchase haven't added it at all.

Version 2.07.02


  • As mines in 1.76 always needs to be revealed with the revealTarget key, changed the mine detection script according to that. Known issue: some key confilcts might block mine detection bonus.
  • Mine detection bonus is not an engineer exclusive anymore.


  • Added Basic Helmet (Olive) to Syndikat for 500 Cr.
  • Added DLC icons for gearshop and warning dialog if a player does not own the DLC needed for the item.


  • Added Van Transport for AAF and Syndikat.

Version 2.07.01


  • On Gearshop purchase, items like GPS/UAV terminal, Binocular, NV goggles, Map, Watch, Compass, Radio are now automatically added to its corresponding slot if that slot is empty.
  • Added 'Early Bird' bonus (50Cr/min) which will be payed if the player number is below 20. (1 player per team is needed)
  • Passive income (250Cr/min) is now given if there is at least 1 player playing for both teams (previously it was only above 5 players)
  • Raised idle kick player number threshold from 5 to 10.


  • Added AAF crew helmet to Syndikat faction for 800Cr.
  • Chest Rigs are now available for every class (it was sniper only before).
  • Fixed: Sniper class could purchase the Holosight SMG (Khaki).


  • Fixed a script error in the idle kick feature.
  • Nametags over UAVs now show the actual player who is connected to it.
  • Minor nametag optimizations.
  • Fixed: Hitting own vehicle from FFV position gave hit penalty.
  • Fixed: Players got hit Bonus for invulnerable vehicles.
  • Attacking or defending an objective now resets the idle kick timer.
  • Blocked an Arma engine exploit when players could duplicate uniforms, vests and backpacks.
    • NOTE: due to the nature of the workaround, the duplicated item and the source item will be removed as well.
    • Avoid switching these gear items directly (container from/to inventory slot) and place it rather on the ground first if the opened container space is full or near to full.

Version 2.07.00


  • Vehicle hit bonus
    • Players get a bonus money payout for damaging vehicles depending on the damage they've done.
    • Applies for only infantry vs vehicle hits. Shooting from static weapons and firing from vehicle positions are included.
    • The bonus applies if the target vehicle is not empty or wasn't empty 1 minute before the hit. MHQs always yield bonus.
    • The feature is considering hitPoints (turret, rotor, fuel tank, wheels, etc).
    • Damaging a friendly vehicle will result in a hit penalty.
    • The minimum bonus in case of using missiles/rockets (including static launchers) is the price of the ammo. - this only applies for the more expensive vehicles - APCs, Tanks, Helicopters, Jets, etc.
    • The missile/rocket price is also paid if the vehicle is empty for more than 1 minute and the previous crew of the vehicle was hostile - also only applies for the more expensive vehicles
    • If the player hits a vehicle with a missile/rocket right after destruction, the price of the ammo will be refunded - this is to avoid the frustration of the bonus not being paid when multiple team members engage a hostile vehicle
    • Hitting vehicles which are in base area will not yield reward, unless they shoot inside the base area. This can be reset by going into the inner (3 dimensional -up to tower OR plane height!) area or leaving and entering the base area again.
  • Mine kill improvements
    • Players now get mine kills even after death or reconnecting. This means players will always get bonus for kill or punishment for teamkill with a mine.
    • Players now can detonate mines which were placed before death if they are revived.
    • Players now get 500 Cr punishment for mine teamkills instead of 2000Cr (only auto-triggered/time triggered) and 1/4 of the the friendly vehicle hit punishment.
  • Mobile Service points
    • All vehicles which has refuel/reammo/repair capabilities now use the custom service point script.
    • Players can only use friendly mobile service points (side depends on last side which occupied the vehicle)
    • Owner (the player who spawned it) of the mobile service point get 300 Cr for each completed service action.
    • Service capable vehicles which are in the mission at start also have the mobile service point feature
    • Using a mobile service point prolongs its cleanup time
  • General service point tweaks
    • Tweak: Passenger of the vehicle can't start a service action anymore.
    • Tweak: Vehicles need to touch the ground in order to have the service actions (avoiding falling helicopters due to engine being shut down)
    • Removed vehicle repair and refuel actions from owned flags
  • Kill event improvements
    • Killing another infantry in 'Firing from vehicle' position is now counts as infantry kill, thus the player gets the kill bonus for it.
    • Mine kills now count as infantry kills, even if the player is in a vehicle at the moment of the kill.
    • Kills with UAV now counts into the player's score.
    • Mine and UAV team kills are now shown differently in chat.
    • Disabled critical hit for teamikills.
  • Base protection improvements
    • Tweaked: base protection AA's defense gun targeting.
    • Fixed: at very close ranges base protection AA guns would not shoot at their targets.
    • Fixed: in some cases base protection AA missile targeting would fail and not fire the missiles at all
    • Tweaked: If AA missile targeting fails, the request is put back to queue
    • Reworked artillery defense script. Now it should be more accurate in general, but also got a random spread in some cases
    • Tweaked: Vehicle kills weight more into the defense punishment value, thus triggering defense mechanism sooner
    • Tweaked: cooldown of the defense punishment value (if the value reaches 1, a defense mechanism is requested) is changed from 2 minutes to 5 minutes
    • Added a new event which triggers if a player fires a lock-on missile against a vehicle inside protected zone. It adds up to the same value as the killing someone in the protected area. (Example: firing lock-on missile (0.5) + killing a vehicle (0.5) = 1 will cause the defense mechanism to trigger)
    • Player leaving the base area will now set to vulnerable within a random time interval of 5 to 15 seconds instead of instantly - Making it less predictable for base campers. Firing will instantly make the player and its vehicle to lose invulnerability.
  • Parachuting and air vehicle transport bonus tweaks
    • Paradropping infantry is now exclusive to air vehicles with ramp door - Huron,Taru Transport,Mohawk,Infantry transport Blackfish and Xi'an.
    • Enabling paradrop is now done by opening the ramp door. Only the pilot or the piloting copilot can open or close it.
    • Players who are only in cargo seat positions can use the parachutes. This excludes all the turret and copilot positions.
    • Added a parachute UI icon for the players who can use or enable the parachutes. The color of the icon changes depending on the cargo ramp door's state and air vehicle's height. Black: cargo door is closed, parachuting disabled, Orange: cargo door is open, parachuting enabled, but the vehicle is under 150m altitude. Green: cargo door is open and the vehicle is over 150m altitude.
    • Tweaked air vehicle transport bonus formula. Compared to the previous one, it yields more money below 4km distance per passenger.

AirVehicleTrBonus 2 07.png

    • Transport bonus now pays 1/2 instead of 1/3 of the normal bonus if players use parachutes.
    • Minimum distance from objectives for transport bonus is now increased to 1000m in case of sniper passengers. For all the other infantry classes, it's still 600m
  • Squad members now have orange nametags and orange colored markers on map.
  • Tweaked: either killer or victim needs to be inside the flag circle to get attack or defend bonus for kills.
  • Disabled auto center of map per request
  • Added flag animation on objective capture.
  • Increased view distance from 2500m to 3500m.
  • Reworked vehicleshop description. Added loadout and sensor info in the new advanced tab.
  • Flag shop ammo box prices are now dynamically generated from the actual ammo prices.
  • Players are now able to buy non-owned DLC vehicles in the vehicleshop.
  • Added DLC icons to the vehicleshop
  • If a player is about to purchase a vehicle which is DLC locked (not owned by player), a warning window will be shown.
  • Added an option to automatically add timestamp to placed map marker (by: S3Savage)
  • Increased the maximum points an objective can change per tick from 4 to 5.
  • Added: notification which will show when the hostile team starts to attack an objective which is at 100/100.
  • Added heal action to airport flags.
  • Added MHQ idle moveout and kick feature which moves out players who are inactive in the MHQ and kicks the player if multiple abuses happen in a short time.


  • ENVG price is increased from 26000 Cr to 30000 Cr.
  • Increased UAV terminal price from 5500 Cr to 8000 Cr
  • Increased Tayran/Darter UAV price from 4500 Cr to 12000 Cr.
  • Added back laser designator to Tayran/Darter UAVs.
  • Added Pistol flashlight for 50 Cr.
  • Added the Khaki variant of the MK17 Holosight SMG for 200 Cr.

Vehicle Shop

  • Added Ammo trucks for 2000 CR (exception: 2500 Cr for tempest).
  • Increased Speedboat minigun price from 1500 Cr to 2500 Cr
  • Increased Speedboat HMG price from 1800 Cr to 3000 Cr
  • Increased Armed Blackfish price from 22500 Cr to 30500 Cr
  • Removed Tayran and Darter UAV from flagshops
  • Increased Greyhawk and Ababil UAV drone price from 13500 Cr to 14500 Cr
  • Disabled Greyhawk and Ababil UAV drones on LITE layouts.
  • Added Black Wasp II for 66000 Cr
    • Pylon Loadout: 2x BIM 9X, 2x2 Macer II, 2x1 Macer II, 4x AMRAAM, 2x GBU-12. Rearm: 14000Cr
  • Added Black Wasp II Stealth for 48000 Cr
    • Pylon Loadout: 2x BIM 9X, 2x AMRAAM,2x GBU-12. Rearm: 7000Cr
  • Added Shikra for 62000 Cr
    • Pylon Loadout:4x R73 SR AA, 4x R77 MR AA,4x KAB 250 LGB,1x KH25 AGM. Rearm: 12000Cr
  • Added Shikra Stealth for 49000 Cr
    • Pylon Loadout: 2x R73 SR AA, 4x R77 MR AA, 1x KAB 250 LGB. Rearm: 6000Cr
  • Added UCAV drone for 28000 Cr (2 GBU bomb loadout)
    • Pylon Loadout: 2x GBU-12. Rearm: 4000Cr
  • Removed Orca Black and White
  • Decreased Armed Orca's price from 19500 to 18500 Cr
    • Pylon loadout: 6.5mm Gatling, 19x Skyfire
  • Changed Blackfoot's price from 38500 to 34500 Cr
  • Kajman Pylon Loadout: 38x Skyfire (pilot), 8x Scalpel
  • Y-32 Xi'an Pylon Loadout: 6x Scalpel, 40x Tratnyr HE (pilot). Rearm: 9000Cr
  • Removed Buzzard AA
  • Added Gryphon for 44000 Cr
    • Pylon Loadout: 2x AMRAAM, 2x Macer II,2x BIM 9X. Rearm: 7000Cr
  • Reenabled copilot controls on Blackfoot, Kajman and Xi'An
  • Adjusted flare round count across all air vehicles
    • 60 rounds: Black Wasp II, Buzzard, Shikra, Xi'an, M-900, Pawnee, Hummingbird, Orca, Hellcat, CAS drones, UCAV
    • 120 rounds: Wipeout, Neophron, Gryphon, Blackfoot, Kajman
    • 168 rounds: Blackfish, Taru, Huron, Mohawk
  • The MB 4WD got a separate appearance for AAF and Syndikat
  • The Kuma got a separate appearance for AAF and Syndikat
  • Added (back) laser designator for Buzzard's pilot camera
  • Reduced M-900 price from 6500 Cr to 6000 Cr.
  • Increased unarmed Orca price from 6500 Cr to 8000 Cr.
  • Increased unarmed Hellcat price from 6500 Cr to 8000 Cr.
  • Reduced Taru Bench price from 8500 Cr to 8000 Cr.
  • Increased Taru Transport price from 7000 Cr to 9000 Cr.
  • Increased Mohawk price from 8500 Cr to 9000 Cr.
  • Increased Blackfish Infantry price from 12000 Cr to 14000 Cr.
  • Increased Blackfish Vehicle price from 13500 Cr to 14000 Cr.
  • Reduced Pawnee price from 20550 Cr to 19000 Cr.
  • Increased Armed Hellcat price from 17500 Cr to 21500 Cr.
  • Increased Armed Orca price from 18500 Cr to 21500 Cr.
  • Reduced Xi'an Vehicle price from 43000 Cr to 41500 Cr.


  • Fixed: MHQ didn't respawn if the respawn script didn't find a suitable position in the first place
  • Fixed: incoming missle sound was not working
  • Fixed a mine disarm exploit
  • Fixed: Empty vehicle loaded into VTOL stays invulnerable
  • Tweaked MHQ and standard vehicle placement.
  • Several fixes and tweaks to the incoming missile (tanks/APCs) feature
  • Several fixes and tweaks to the MIP marker script
  • Fixed: There was a case when a vehicle leaving the protection zone could remain invulnerable.
  • Fixed: when MIP was in cargo of VTOL, players could still spawn on it
  • Fixed: Rearming helicopter flares worked only if vehicle was local
  • Reenabled ShackTac UI Stamina bar as the addon disables the vanilla stamina bar
  • Fixed: Some air vehicles didn't have parachute actions for JIP players
  • Reworked the MIP marker system which will hopefully eliminate all the previously experienced issues.
  • An attempt to fix the issue when newly joined players would glitch into the HQ tower
  • Fixed: in some cases players couldn't open their parachutes.
  • Fixed: Copilots who took control of the vehicle didn't get the transport bonus.
  • Disabled mag repack in driver and gunner seats to avoid conflict with CTRL+R default keybinding for toggling radar.
  • Fixed: some vehicle appearances were not initialized correctly (eg.: offroads)
  • Replaced custom gear save function to set/getUnitLoadout script command as it is much faster and probably more reliable.
  • Tweak: Layout's already destroyed vehicles won't be cleaned up anymore.

Version 2.06.04


  • Service Point script rework
    • Instead of distance, the abort condition is turning on the engine (and exiting trigger area for non-base/flag service points).
    • Players cannot run the service action if there's already one running on the vehicle.
    • Reworked the service point related messages, it can now show all 4 type (repair/refuel/rearm/reflare) at the same time.
  • Added unique markers for each separate classes.
  • Map drawing is now available in vehicle channel as well (along with group channel).
  • New gearshop feature: highlighting currently equipped weapon compatible magazines and attachments. Additional minor gearshop improvements/optimizations.
  • After being revived, players are now able to detonate previously placed charges. The ability to detonate these charges is still lost if player respawns.


  • Fixed a bug where regular NATO (US) rifleman did not have access to the khaki MX SW in the shop, just the sand colored version. All other MX variants are available in both colors.
  • Fixed a bug where CSAT Riflemen were unable to pickup Tactical Backpack (Coyote).
  • Fixed: artillery fire restriction was not working properly.
  • Fixed: MHQ available notification didn't appear until player opened the map
  • Fixed: players' bodies would appear over water if they were killed in/over water.
  • Fixed: Pefkas Bay didn't have Player Spawn placed, so players would spawn at their initial death position, standing.
  • Several improvements to fire mode save script, including fixing the bug of the "holstering weapon".
  • Several MHQ related improvements, including the rare "disappearing MHQ" bug.
  • Fixed: reloaded magazine didn't get saved if the player reloaded via the action menu.
  • Tweaked fog suppression for Tanoa, now it will trigger on lower threshold and will ing fog down completely, but in a longer time period.


  • Added community layout winners to the regular layout pool.
  • Minor changes and optimizations to the classic layouts.

Version 2.06.03

Shop and Starting gear

  • NATO (UK) now has access to the Carrier GL Rig (Olive)
  • AAF no longer has access to the Carrier GL Rig (Olive), but they still keep the digi version
  • Weapons with built-in bipods are Rifleman and Sniper exclusive only.
    • CMR-76 Removed from CSAT Engineer and Medic roles
  • AK12 price adjustments:
    • AK12 increased from 3200Cr to 5800Cr
    • AK12 GL increased from 4500Cr to 8000Cr
    • 30rnd 7.62x39 magazine increased from 80Cr to 120Cr
    • 30rnd 7.62x39 tracer mag increased from 60Cr to 85Cr
  • CSAT Helmet adjustments:
    • All CSAT Rifleman and Medics now start with field cap instead of helmet
    • Assassin Helmet increased from 1100Cr to 2500Cr
    • Defender Helmet increased from 1400Cr to 5400Cr
    • CSAT Tactical Vest increased from 5000Cr to 9000Cr
  • Default gear adjustments
    • RES and NATO Engineers start with Carrier GL Rig
    • CSAT Engineers start with Defender Helmet
    • All Engineers start with three Satchel Charges
    • All Medics start with three White Smoke Grenades
    • All Rifleman start with three RGO Handgrenades
    • NATO (UK) sniper starts with itish field cap


  • Map drawing is now available for group channel.
  • Disabled map drawing in the briefing screen.
  • Players who are about to be kicked for idling are now warned before.
  • Decreased player idle time thresholds from 15/30 to 5/10 minutes (regular/donator) [increased to 10/15]
    • NOTE: Under 5 players on the server, idle kick is still disabled


  • Improved logging of purchased gear (class refund) reliablity
  • Players won't get negative class refunds anymore
  • Fixed an issue of idling players not being kicked

HOTFIX 2016.12.24

  • Fixed a gear duplication exploit.
  • Fixed: purchased gear data was deleted on the server even when the player joined as the same class


  • Increased idle time thresholds to 10 minutes for non-donators and 15 minutes for donators.
  • HOTFIX for the simulation manager sometimes disabling MHQs, avoiding them to respawn.

Version 2.06.02


  • Fixed: players could duplicate gear.
  • Players now only get refund for items they have actually purchased.
  • Players now only will get refund for the remaining ammo in the magazines.
  • Class refund feature now refunds all possible attachments and secondary magazines as well.
  • Added support for the additional attachments gear save for handguns and launchers.
  • Fixed: some snipers were got wrong negative class refund due to them having less magazines in their starting kit.
  • Refund feature now gives back the money for the static weapon backpacks depending on the remaning ammo.
  • Reworked vehicle placement script's space check part. Now it uses the bounding box, so players will be able to place the purchased vehicle much easier.
  • Added a bit more distance to the placable boats to allow players to place it easier from boatshop piers.


  • Minor adjustments to the Mine layout.
  • Fixed a service point on Crash Site.

Version 2.06.01


  • Fixed: sometimes the weapons got removed from dead players too late.
  • Fixed a bug when the player's dead body wasn't deleted soon enough.
  • Fixed: on some layouts there could be duplicate objects.
  • Possible fix for MHQs not being spawned.
  • Fixed: MHQs could spawn very close to other objects.
  • Temporary fix for excessive fog.
  • Fixed: if a player died while reloading, the reloaded magazine was lost.
  • Possible fix for players staying invulnerable after being revived.

Server-side update (2016. Nov. 14)

  • Minor simulation manager tweak
  • Added Lamps to the default boatshop object compositions
  • Added Airport lamp
  • Disabled cleanup on vehicles which are part of the layout.

Version 2.06.00


  • Introducing: subfactions. Each subfaction has different look, available shop items and starting gear
    • NATO UK
    • NATO UK Pacific
    • NATO US
    • NATO US Pacific
    • CSAT Iran
    • CSAT China Pacific
    • AAF (Altis Indipendent)
    • Syndicate (Tanoa Rebel Force - Independent)
  • Reworked layout creaton method for the upcoming PVP Warfare Layout Editor
  • Added Boat Shops - Neutral (only civilian boats) and Military boat shops. If a boatshop is connected to an objective, whoever owns that objective can purchase at that boatshop.
    • Added an action to base flags to fast travel to the boatshop connected to the base
  • Added boat service points
  • Boat push mechanic when beached - only working when player is not in water and not in the boat and the boat is not locked.
  • Decreased the respawn timer to 10 seconds.
  • If you get critically hit or decide to to respawn when waiting for revive, you will now be transported to the base instead of getting the respawn screen. Fast Travel cooldown is still in effect.
  • Moved the 'move to airport' action from the base flag to the Fast Travel map instead. If you use the Fast Travel option, you can now click on your Airfield and be transported there.
  • Disabled killing message feed on the server - only messages shown are Friendly Fire kills The Kill payout will also be delayed for 20 seconds
  • Medic can now revive while being prone
  • Revive animations are now the 'Heal Soldier' animation.
  • The correct animation is set if player has handgun or rifle, thus no longer changes weapon when reviving
  • Player who revives is no longer attached to the downed friendly
  • Medic will receive 150Cr heal bonus for each heal. Cooldown on healed player: 60 seconds
  • Introducing Syndicat Resistance faction to Tanoa.
    • Default Uniforms are shuffled to enhance a guerilla feel of this sub faction.
    • Default weapons are the AKS74U for Riflemen and AKM for Medic/Engineer. The Sniper is starting with Mk18.
    • Introducing new unique weapons to Syndicate and AAF forces.
    • Introducing the Ceaser plane as transport option on normal layouts for 5000Cr - purchaseable on airports.
    • Adding M-900 transport helicopter for 6500Cr to Syndicate.
  • Tweaked helicopter transport bonus system to new formula: 350cr*(1 - Exp[-travelled KM/3.5]
  • Player position markers update frequency increased to 0.1s
  • Increased the Engineer's mine detection from 50 to 100Cr and mine disarm bonus from 150 to 300Cr
  • All MRAPs have now FLIR reenabled by default


  • SPAR-16 5.56mm for 500Cr
  • SPAR-16 GL 5.56mm for 2500Cr
  • SPAR-16S 5.56mm for 6000Cr
  • CAR-95 5.8 mm for 3700Cr
  • CAR-95 GL 5.8 mm for 7200Cr
  • Type 115 .50 BW for 20000Cr (22000Cr and 24000Cr for HEX and GHEX)
  • AK12 7.62x39 for 3200Cr
  • AK12 GL 7.62x39 for 4500Cr
  • AKM 7.62x39 for 450Cr
  • AKS74U 5.54x39 for 400Cr
  • SPAR-17 7.62mm for 5000Cr (Khaki or Sand for 5700Cr)
  • CMR-76 6.5mm for 5300Cr (HEX or G-HEX for 5800Cr)
  • LIM-85 5.56 mm for 8200Cr
  • CAR-95-1 5.8 mm for 5200Cr
  • Protector 9mm for 1500Cr
  • New Titan AA, AT and RPG Camo Variants
  • Decreased MK 18 A 7.62mm price to 4800Cr
  • New variants of the Bipod and Optics for same price
  • ERCO for 4500Cr
  • New variants of the default Uniforms and Headgear
  • Stealth Balaclava for 1500Cr
  • Stealth Fatigues CTRG for 8200Cr (Short for 6100Cr and Tee for 4100Cr)
  • Full Ghillie Jungle for 8300Cr
  • Special Purpose Suit for 25000Cr
  • Viper Helmet for 35000Cr
  • ENVG-II for 26000Cr
  • Stealth Combat Helmet for 2500Cr
  • Note: Due subfaction introduction certain camos are no longer available for certain vehicles.
  • Y-32 Xi'an (Infantry) for 41500Cr
  • Y-32 Xi'an (Vehicle) for 43000Cr
  • Blackfish (Infantry) for 12000Cr
  • Blackfish (Vehicle) for 13500Cr
  • Blackfish (Armed) for 22500Cr
  • Prowler (Unarmed) for 1100Cr
  • Prowler (Armed) for 3800Cr
  • Quilin (Unarmed) for 1200Cr
  • Quilin (Armed) for 3200r


  • Yanukka Line LITE(by void)
  • Georgetown LITE(by void)
  • Harcourt Diamond LITE (by Michael McCloud)
  • Tanouka (by Xodius)
  • Coastline South LITE (by Michael McCloud)
  • Volcano (by Michael McCloud)
  • Volcano II (by Michael McCloud)
  • Industrial Port (by Michael McCloud)
  • Meth Lab (by Xodius)
  • Mine (by Michael McCloud)
  • Temple Ruins (by Michael McCloud)
  • idge LITE (by void)


  • Tweaked spawn mechanic: Spawning on objectives/MHQs will now avoid positions inside houses, containers or rocks
  • Tweaked spawn mechanic: Players now can spawn on objects (EG: idges)
  • Reduced MHQ spawn distance from 30 to 10 meters
  • Fixed: non engineer players were able to equip the mine detector.
  • Custom fix for that engine side healing bug when players couldn't heal other players if they moved even a little
  • Tweaked vehicle spam protection

Version 2.05.04


  • Critical Hit: If a player gets fully wounded on his head, he will instantly respawn. This cap happen mostly by headshots or high calie round hitting the player
  • Increased helicopter bonus payout per passenger from 100Cr/km to 300Cr/km
  • Increased minimal distance from objective for heli transport bonus from 400m to 500m


  • We decided for better readability to re-tag all SMALL layouts with LITE

Vehicle Prices

  • Panther: 10500Cr -> 9800Cr
  • Marshall: 11850Cr -> 14700Cr

LITE Layout

  • Vehicle Tax: Because LITE layouts lack the money sink for better vehicles and spamming IFV we decided to implement a new tax for all light armored and air vehicles.

Vehicle Shop tweak

  • Removed: Tigris and Cheetah from Lite layouts
  • Removed: Titan AA and AT Launcher/Backpacks and Missles
  • We implemented a markup column in the vehicle shop which shows how much more the vehicle cost compared to its normal value. This also includes the price markup on flags

Default Gear changes

  • AAF Sniper: Mk18 + 3x 7.62mm Magazines
  • CSAT Rifleman/Engineer: TGR21 + 5x 5.56mm Magazines (Green)
  • CSAT Medic: TGR20 + 5x 5.56mm Magazines (Green)

Gear Shop adjustments

  • Reduced green Mk.14 price from 8700Cr to 3800Cr
  • Reduced camo Mk.14 price from 9250Cr to 4600Cr
  • Reduced Mk.18 price from 8500Cr to 6500Cr
  • Removed Mk.20 and 5.56 silencer in shop for sniper
  • Reduced 5.56 magazines from 130Cr to 80Cr
  • Reduced 5.56 tracer mags from 90 to 50Cr
  • Reduced Rahim price from 4500Cr to 3200Cr (for consistency)
  • Increased 6.5 (Katiba) magazines from 130Cr to 420Cr
  • Increased 6.5 (Katiba) tracer mags from 90Cr to 330Cr
  • Increased RPG 42 AT Rocket from 1750Cr to 2000Cr
  • Increased RPG 42 HE Rocket from 750Cr to 1250Cr
  • Increased Tactical Vest (Khaki) from 3200Cr to 5000Cr
  • Reduced TGR20 price from 1000Cr to 450Cr
  • Reduced TGR21 price from 1000Cr to 500Cr
  • Reduced TGR21GL price from 5000Cr to 2500Cr
  • Reduced Mk20C price from 1000Cr to 450Cr
  • Reduced Mk20 price from 1000Cr to 500Cr
  • Reduced Mk20GL price from 5000Cr to 2500Cr
  • Reduced MXC price from 1000Cr to 450Cr
  • Reduced MX3GL price from 6500Cr to 4000Cr
  • Increased KatibaC price from 1000Cr to 4500Cr
  • Increased Katiba price from 1000Cr to 5000Cr
  • Increased KatibaGL price from 5000Cr to 8500Cr
  • Added 5.56 green end-of-mag magazine to CSAT shop
  • Added 5.56 green tracer magazine to CSAT shop
  • Removed Semi-Arid and Lush Full Ghillies for NATO to improve readabilty
  • Removed Arid and Lush Full Ghillies for AAF to improve readabilty
  • Removed Arid and Semi-Arid Full Ghillies for CSAT to improve readabilty
  • Added AMS (Black) Scope to AAF and NATO shops for sniper class
  • Added Khalia (Black) and Khalia (Tan) Scope to CSAT shop for sniper class
  • Removed Mk20 and Mk20 Silencer from AAF shop for sniper class


  • Fixed: manual fire key restriction could trigger in any vehicles or even as an infantry.
  • Fixed a mine detection related script error


  • Enabled voice for side channel (Note: If spam happens a lot we will remove it again
  • Tweaked: The sector overlay on top of the screen now shows how much points the sector went up or down and what side is responsible for it
  • Tweaked: The colour scheme for NATO, AAF and CSAT is now taken from what the user has set in the option menu
  • Feature: On high bullet damage or headshot the player is forced to respawn

Version 2.05.03


  • Fixed: it was possible to switch to manual fire with keyboard
  • Fixed some 1.60 related GUI error messages


  • Disabled line drawing on the map (introduced in Arma 3 1.60)

Version 2.05.02


  • Added idle kick related data logging to help us identify and fix the idle kick issues.


  • Dead End: Moved the airport flag & spawn to the other end of the runway on the NE Airport.
  • Butterfly: Moved the western airport's jet spawn area to the other side of the runway, where the airport flag is located.
  • Butterfly: Fixed: a cargo building was placed too high at Abandoned Outpost which allowed players to glitch inside the building while being under it.
  • Pefkas Bay: Removed Ruins-Military base and Ghost Hotel-Factory objective connections.

Version 2.05.01


  • Added player counter to the Main Menu which shows each faction's player number.
  • Removed the third person revive camera and added Post Process effects for incapacitated players.


  • Fixed: Dragging immediately dropped the dragged player.


  • Removed the "don't attack" text from HQ and Airport markers.

Version 2.05.00


  • Headless Client: Offloading AI and cleanup scripts from server (possible server performance increase)
  • New money Gain HUD: Every money increase/decrease is now shown to the player with an unique message.
  • Improved and optimized "Assembable" Backpack save feature. Now you can assemble the weapons carrying any backpack.
  • Vehicle Lock action is now added to the vehicles purchased by the player after reconnecting. If player joins an other faction, the player's ownership gets deleted and the vehicle gets unlocked.
  • NVG enabled on all layouts.
  • Adjusted mission start times - No layout will start before 5am anymore.
  • Increased maximum amount of Cr players can receive when joining late from 11k to 15k total (including their start money). Additionally the payout is now completely dynamic instead of fixed thresholds.
  • Ammo boxes purchased by player are not getting instantly removed anymore if the player disconnects.
  • Improved AI patrol waypoint creation. AI now shouldn't leave the objective circle during their regular patrol.
  • Decreased black screen fade-in time when player dies. Additionally, if the player's head is fully damaged (mainly- but not only- headshot) the screen turns black instantly.
  • Improved health HUD, which now Shows player body part damages as well.
  • Purchased magazines are now automatically loaded into weapon if it's possible. (No need to buy backpack to buy missiles anymore)
  • Changed "escape menu" respawn timer to 5 seconds from 15 seconds. Also removed the hint for the 500Cr penalty, as this penalty was already disabled.
  • Reworked item restriction system (which triggers if you take an item). Everything which cannot be bought by the player is restricted to pick up. Exceptions: magazines, grenades, mines.
  • Removed the 10% payout bonus for being in a group
  • Revive HUD now shows the remaining respawn time
  • Revive icons now fade depending on the zoom level, aiming down sights disables them
  • Added vehicle purchase spam protection
  • Improved mine cleanup
  • Friendly mines now show an additional icon in close range
  • Added 50cr bonus for detecting hostile mines (engineer)
  • Added 150cr bonus for disarming hostile mines (engineer)
  • Kicking idling players
    • After 15 / 30 (Donators) minutes of idling
    • Only if there are at least 5 players
    • Subject to change!
  • Introduction of "SMALL" layouts
    • Small layouts have a stronger focus on infantry and light vehicles
    • All existing layouts are now either featured as a regular or small layout. Small layouts do not include airports and players will not be able to purchase main battle tanks, self-propelled artillery or attack helicopters in the shop.
    • AAF is now available as a faction on all layouts. Previously, they were only available on layouts that included an airport to give them access to both of their jets to help compensate for their lack of attack helicopters and artillery.
  • Added custom command channel, which only group leaders can use.
    • The Command Channel is now exclusively available for squad leader of groups numbering at least two players
    • Only squad leaders can hear the Command Channel and talk in it. They are responsible to relay critical information to their group and vehicle channels on their own.
    • The limited number of recipients means that this channel is relatively lag-free and should be used for VoIP communication between groups.
    • This is a powerful tool for team-wide coordination, so make use of it to improve teamwork and don't spam it!
  • The passive payout no longer depends on the teams captured flags count, but is now a fixed rate of 250Cr/Minute.
  • Passive payout is disabled under count of 5 players on the server
  • If you have to switch classes in your team, you no longer get your weapons replaced by none restricted ones, but rather the worth of your current gear is being calculated and refunded with a subtraction of 20% tax to you
  • Improved MHQ spawning. If the initial position is not empty, a new position will be chosen.
  • Improved the cleanup of dropped items. If the dropped container contents change, the cleanup timer resets. Increased the cleanup timer on dropped items to 10 minutes.
  • Reworked Base Protection
    • Defensive measures against players who:
      • Enter the hostile base area.
      • Kill someone in hostile base area.
      • Fire at the inner hostile base area
      • Fire while inside hostile base area
    • Invulnerability for players and vehicles inside base area
    • Invulnerability will be lost if:
      • Players leave the protected area (outer zone)
      • Players fire in the protected area (middle+outer zone)
      • Players gain back Invulnerability after 4 seconds, if they enter the inner area (which extends only to the HQ tower's height, on airfields it extends to around an average vehicle height).
      • Players cannot place explosives and fire mortar/artillery in base areas. (Artillery/Mortar fire is still disabled around vehicle service points)
  • Sudden Death
    • When the mission enters a deadlock where one side has only one flag left and no progress is being made either way, Sudden Death™ is initiated after 10 minutes.
    • This means that the defender side can no longer push their flag back to 100
    • The flag will drop down 1 point/tick when (1) no one, (2) more defenders than attackers, (3) equal number of defenders and attackers is/are within the flag radius
    • The only way for the defender to get out of Sudden Death™ is to capture a new flag.


  • CTRG short and rolled-up uniform variants reduced from 2000Cr to 1000Cr
  • Basic Ghillie suits increased from 500Cr to 1400Cr
  • CSAT Officer uniform added for 1200Cr (prestige item; no armor)
  • AAF Officer uniform added for 1200Cr (prestige item)
  • AAF Guerilla outfits added for 1000Cr each (prestige items)
  • Enhanced Combat Helmet - reduced from 3800Cr to 1300Cr
  • Enhanced Combat Helmets (painted) - reduced from 4700Cr to 1800Cr
  • Protector Helmet - reduced from 3500Cr to 800cr
  • Defender Helmet - reduced from 4200Cr to 1400Cr
  • Assassin Helmet - increased from 800Cr to 1100Cr
  • DLC Ghillie Suits - reduced from 15200Cr to 8300Cr
  • Chest Rigs - reduced from 4000Cr to 1800Cr
  • Carrier Light Rigs - reduced from 5130Cr to 2000Cr
  • Carrier Heavy Rigs - reduced from 8520Cr to 3000Cr
  • Carrier GL Rigs - reduced from 9000Cr to 5500Cr
  • Carrier Special Rigs - reduced from 12300Cr to 9300Cr
  • Tactical Vest (CSAT) - reduced from 5130Cr to 3200Cr
  • Tactical Backpack - reduced from 4800 to 2200
  • Kitbag - reduced from 5300 to 2400
  • Carryall Backpack - reduced from 9500 to 4500
  • M320 LRR - reduced from 15000Cr to 12000Cr
  • M320 LRR (Camo) - reduced from 17500Cr to 13500Cr
  • GM6 Lynx - reduced from 15000Cr to 12000Cr
  • GM6 Lynx (Camo) - reduced from 17500Cr to 13500Cr
  • Vermin SMG .45 ACP reduced from 4000Cr to 2000Cr
  • Sting 9mm reduced from 3500Cr to 1750Cr
  • PDW2000 SMG 9mm reduced from 3500Cr to 1500Cr
  • .45 ACP 30Rnd Vermin Tracers (Red) Mag reduced from 150Cr to 35Cr
  • .45 ACP 30Rnd Vermin Mag reduced from 250Cr to 50Cr
  • .45 ACP 6Rnd Cylinder reduced from 30Cr to 10Cr
  • .45 ACP 9Rnd Mag reduced from 40Cr to 15Cr
  • .45 ACP 11Rnd Mag reduced from 80Cr to 20Cr
  • 30Rnd 9mm (ALL 9mm) reduced from 150Cr to 45Cr
  • 9mm 16Rnd Mag reduced from 90Cr to 20Cr
  • Added Static AT - 7500Cr
  • Added Static AA - 7000Cr
  • Added Static GMG (AAF only)- 6500Cr
  • Taru Transport price has been reduced from 8000Cr to 7000Cr
  • Taru Bench price has been reduced from 15500Cr to 8500Cr
  • Ghost Hawk price has been reduced from 11000Cr to 9500Cr
  • Added standard items (map,compass,radio,watch) to gearshop (at 20Cr each)


  • CSAT Starter helmet changed from Assassin to Protector helmet.
  • 7.62 Battle Rifles are available for Medic and Engineer again.
  • Bipods and RCO-type scopes are no longer available for Medic and Engineer.
  • Added mine detector to the Engineer's starting gear


  • Fixed: Overlay inside neutral capture circle could show the third faction instead of Guerrilla faction.
  • Fixed: Neutral flags still had the third faction's flag texture instead of the guerrilla one.
  • Fixed: Service Point related script error spam.
  • Fixed: Players could open the Mag Repack dialoge while being incapacitated.
  • Fixed: Refueling didn't work if the vehicle wasn't local.
  • Fixed: Vehicle lock/unlock didn't work if the vehicle wasn't local.
  • Fixed: Players didn't get teamkill punishment if they got killed before the actual teamkill.
  • Fixed: Not all the NATO AIs had CTRG uniform.
  • Fixed: Manual fire restriction on gunships didn't work.
  • Fixed and improved vehicle respawn script.
  • Added protection zones on player respawn positions.
  • Possible fix for wrong HQ marker positions
  • Possible fix: Some disconnected players' units sometimes stayed as AI.
  • Reviving now properly sets the body part damages on the revived player. Consistently with the vanilla first-aid system.
  • Fixed: the player's body always appeared at the initial position of death, not taking additional ragdoll/physics into consideration.
  • Fixed: After being revived, players were invulnerable for a short time.
  • Fixed: Environment sounds were disabled after being revived.
  • Fixed: Sniper could pick up helmets
  • Fixed: "no entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWeapons.'." error
  • Disabled vehicle cleanup on layout specific vehicles
  • Fixed: RPG Ammobox was missing from CSAT flagshop.
  • Fixed: players were able to get gain back ammo using an exploit.
  • Fixed: Players didn't reconnect to UAV after death.
  • Fixed: If a player died in a vehicle, his previous body didn't get deleted. (might not work with FFV positions - engine issue)
  • Fixed: Friendly map markers and Vehicle HUD showed dead units (error: no unit)
  • Fixed: A rare bug when a player had NATO gear in the gearshop as a player of another faction.
  • Possible fix for a client initialization issue.
  • Fixed: Players could destroy the medical buildings at HQ.
  • Fixed: Quadrotor UAVs' camera lock function didn't work


  • Every playable faction combination is available for all layouts (selected randomly)
  • Reworked Oreokastro Layout (former Northwest).
  • Added layout: The Valley (created by: @War)
  • Added layout: Butterfly (created by: Michael McCloud)
  • Peninsula layout was missing the overview map legend when zooming out and had incorrect boat dock icons
  • Peninsula: Fixed missing connections
  • Moved the flag further inside the castle grounds at Kastro sector on Kavala II layout to avoid capture from outside the walls.
  • Kavala II: fixed: a castle ruin object was partly floating over ground at Kastro.
  • Most existing layouts have been renamed to better tell them apart and understand their relative size
  • New names are as follows:
  • Old name -> New name -> Ruleset
    • Central (jets) -> Anthrakia -> normal
    • Central II -> Deathtrap -> normal
    • Coast -> Total War -> small
    • East -> Crash Site -> normal
    • Kavala (jets) -> Kavala -> small
    • Kavala II (jets) -> Kavala II -> small
    • North -> Galati -> normal
    • North II -> Tonos Bay -> normal
    • Northeast -> Molos -> small
    • Northeast II (jets) -> Pefkas Bay - normal
    • Northeast III -> Bones -> small
    • Northwest -> Oreokastro -> small
    • Peninsula -> Peninsula -> small
    • South -> Zaros -> small
    • Southeast -> Pa-Se-Fe -> small
    • Southwest -> Dead End -> normal
    • Southwest II -> Panochori -> small
    • West (jets) -> Kore -> normal
    • West II -> Kore II -> small
    • Westcoast -> Negades Bay -> small
    • Stratis -> Stratis -> small
    • Stratis II -> Stratis II -> small


  • Renamed all the playable units' descriptions, so they "Group Leader" is not shown anymore in the role selection screen
  • Changed default selected factions on the role selection screen: (First: CSAT, Second: AAF, Third: Nato)
  • Connected players now will be put into an empty group if the current one is not empty and the groupname is also removed as it serves no purpose. (Players can still choose unique group names in the Dynamic Groups menu)
  • Corrected several spelling mistakes in objective names.
  • General Mission cleanup and optimization.
  • Mission ends automatically if "3rd faction bug" happens
  • Marker text length got limited to 32 characters
  • Added restriction of using voice on global and side channel. Disabled command channel (replaced by custom command channel, see: features).
  • Disabled uniform dragging from player inventory
  • Fixed equipment and vehicle sorting in shops per category
  • Added BI simulation manager - possible performance increase, especially on layouts with many objects (experimental)
  • The map marker creation window now selects the player's current channel by default (if possible)

Version 2.04.03


  • Increased the price for Static HMG Backpack from 3000Cr to 4500Cr and now it is only available for AAF

AIs on flag

  • Increased AI groups spawning on flags from 1 to 2 (6 AIs on each flag) Reverted
  • Decreased AI skill
  • Added AI class randomization. Each group can contain the following classes:
    • 1.slot: Rifleman, Autorifleman, Officer
    • 2.slot: Medic, Grenadier, Marksman
    • 3.slot: Rifleman(AT)
  • Neutral flags will now spawn AIs with Randomized Guerrilla gear.
    • Weapon pool: Any SMG, Any variation of TRG rifles (including GL), Mk14
    • Flashlight attachments (if available on the weapon)
    • One Neutral AI per group has RPG42
    • Neutral flags are always colored brown instead of the color of the third main faction


  • Fixed the underlying issue which caused armed MRAPs to spawn with default cargo content
  • Players were able to drive MHQs into water, MHQs are now getting automatically destroyed 2.5 meters below water level
  • An attempt to fix Stratis spawn/gear issues
  • Increased cleanup timer on dropped items from 1 minutes to 4 minutes
  • Added wreck cleaner script which deletes wrecks and craters on bases and airfields

Version 2.04.02


  • Lowered price for Static HMG Backpack from 8000Cr to 3000Cr
  • Lowered price for PCML launcher from 2500Cr to 2000Cr
  • Lowered price for PCML AT Ammo from 2500Cr to 2000Cr
  • Lowered price for RPG42 launcher from 2250Cr to 1750Cr
  • Lowered price for RPG42 AT Ammo from 2250Cr to 1750Cr
  • Lowered price for Titan AT Launcher from 6000Cr to 4200Cr
  • Lowered price for Titan AA Launcher from 6000Cr to 4000Cr
  • Increased price for MXM from 2000Cr to 4000Cr
  • Increased price for Navid Ammo from 1800Cr to 2500Cr
  • Increased price for SPGM Ammo from 1500Cr to 2100CCr
  • Increased price for Pawnee from 17500Cr to 20250Cr
  • Increased price for Strider HMG from 5000Cr to 6000Cr
  • Increased Strider from 1450 to 2000Cr
  • Enabled Thermal Imaging on Strider
  • Removed Quadbike from flag shop


  • Added Fast travel cooldown on player connection, removing an exploit when players could disconnect and reconnect to instantly fast travel.
  • Added spawn protection on static weapons.
  • Added 300Cr rearm price for unarmed Ifrit and Strider, so it is now possible to rearm the Smoke Launcher on these vehicles.
  • Fixed Service Points on Peninsula Layout.
  • Fixed missing connections on Peninsula Layout.
  • Fixed several issues with Service Points. Repair time changed to 60 and now you will get fully repaired when the timer hits 0 (not incremental anymore).
  • Fixed: The service point actions got removed from the UAV drone if the controlling player changed position.
  • Fixed: There was a slight chance that the service point actions stayed on the vehicle even after leaving the service point area.
  • Fixed an issue when some HUD elements could disappear overtime. Often happened with Health HUD, which should be also fixed.

Version 2.04.01


  • Increased vehicleshop listbox text size, adjusted the scrollbar and price column.
  • Fixed: Taru Plain Loadmaster had the parachute menu although he cannot eject.
  • Blocked an action which in some circumstances could crash the server

Version 2.04.00

New Features

  • Backpack Lock: Players can now find a lock/unlock Button on top of the Backpack in the Inventory that allows restricting access to it and keep its Contents private.
  • Vehicle Shop Placement Rework: When a Player purchases a Vehicle in the Shop, the Vehicle floats in front of the Camera and is highlighted in either Red (Not Placeable) or Green (Placeable). You can carry it around and find a suitable Place for it. While it's Green, an Actionmenu Entry will pop up to confirm the Purchase.
    • You can always Cancel your Purchase via a Cancel Entry in the Actionmenu.
  • Mobile Insertion Points (MIP): All purchased AMV-7 Marshall, IFV-6c Panther, BTR-K Kamysh, MSE-3 Marid, AFV-4 Gorgon and FV-720 Mora Armored Personal Carriers now serve as additional MHQ Spawn Points for their Team. The Vehicle needs to be crewed for this to be active. If the Vehicle has been captured by the Enemy, they cannot use it as a MIP themselves, only for their own Faction's APCs or IFVs.


  • New Armarment for Blackfoot:
    • Pilot: 24x DAR (unguided Rockets)
    • Gunner: 20mm HE 1000rnd Cannon, 2x AA, 6x Titan AT (Reload Time of 3-4sec between Shots)
    • Gunner Copilot Option is disabled to remove One-Man-Gunships
  • New Armarment for Kajman:
    • Pilot: 32x Skyfire (unguided Rockets)
    • Gunner: 30mm DP 500rnd Cannon, 8x Titan AT (Reload Time of 3-4sec between Shots)
  • New Armarment for Orca (Armed):
    • Pilot: 20x Tratnyr AP (unguided Rockets), Extra 2000Rnds for 6.5 Minigun
  • New Armarment for Orca (Black & White):
    • Pilot: 20x Tratnyr HE (unguided Rockets), Extra 2000Rnds for 6.5 Minigun
  • Manual Fire: Has been disabled for all Vehicles except for UAVs
  • Added Fire Restriction Zone for Artillery and Mortars. You need to be at least 1.5km away from the Base and at least 500m away from the next Vehicle Service Point to be able to use Indirect Fire Weapons.
  • Players will be reconnected to their UAVs after Death (if they were connected to one)
  • When buying a UAV in the Vehicle Shop, the Player gets connected automatically, if he has a UAV Terminal in the GPS Slot of his Inventory
  • Tweaked UAV Marker Text. When no-one is connected, the Marker will be named 'UAV NOT CONNECED' instead of 'Error: No Vehicle'
  • Removed Reammo Ability from CRV-6e Bobcat

  • New Armarment for 259 Sochor:
    • Default Loadout, only AT and AP Mines have been removed
  • New Armarment for M4 Scorcher:
    • Default Loadout, only AT and AP Mines have been removed


  • Removed Fast Travel Option from MHQs
  • Player and Vehicle Marker tweaks: Multiple Markers were drawn on the Map, if the Player entered a MHQ or waited for Revive. Now only one designated Marker will be shown on the Map. No Marker Clusterfuck anymore.
  • Name Scheme Change for MHQs: The current Name Scheme ("MHQ_NATO_A", "MHQ_CSAT_B", ...) has been reworked.
    • The MHQs are named "MHQ-ALPHA" and "MHQ-BRAVO" for all sides now.
  • MHQs Vehicles have been switched to Zamak (Covered) and HEMTT (Covered) Trucks.
  • Removed the BTC Lift Script, Players can still use the Arma 3 Default Slingloading.
    • Slingloading for Trucks is disabled (Affects the Taru)
  • The HQ Drone Shop is now replaced with a Medical Building where Players can heal themselves for free. The Drones can be purchased at the regular HQ Vehicle Shop now.
  • The Airfield Zone is now protected against Attacks, just like the HQ.
  • 3D Revive Marker View Distance decreased to 200m (400m before)


  • The FlagShop and Airport Shop has the Vehicle Shop GUI
  • Added a Scrollbar to the Vehicle Shop Description Field
  • Tweaked Vehicle Shop Descriptions
  • Increased the Gear-, Vehicle- and Re-Supply Radius from 60m to 100 m
  • Added Gear-, Vehicle- and Re-Supply Radius Marker in the Base
  • Lowered Price of PO-30 Orca (Armed) to 19500Cr (34000Cr before)
  • Lowered Price of Mi-48 Kajman to 38500Cr (44000Cr before)
  • Lowered Price of AH-99 Blackfoot to 38500Cr (44000Cr before)
  • Removed Offroad (Armed) for NATO and CSAT (Now exclusive to AAF)
  • Added Offroad (AAF) for 500Cr (650Cr Flag)
  • Added Offroad Repair (AAF) for 1250Cr
  • Added Transport Van (AAF) for 300Cr (390Cr Flag)
  • Added Fuel Van (AAF) for 500Cr (650Cr Flag)
  • Added Mi-290 Taru (Plain) for 8000Cr
  • Added CH-67 Huron (Armed) for 12000Cr
  • Added M4 Scorcher for 37300Cr
  • Added M5 Sandstorm MLRS for 40000Cr
  • Added 259 Sochor for 39700Cr
  • Lowered Price for Hunter to 1300Cr (1690Cr Flag)
  • Increased Price for HEMTT Transport to 350Cr (455Cr Flag)
  • Increased Price for HEMTT Repair to 1100Cr
  • Increased Price for HEMTT Fuel to 550Cr (715Cr Flag)
  • Lowered Price for Ifrit to 1600Cr (2080Cr Flag)
  • Increased Price for Zamak Transport (Open) to 300Cr (390Cr Flag)
  • Increased Price for Zamak Fuel to 500Cr (650Cr Flag)
  • Increased Price for Zamak Repair to 1050Cr
  • Increased Price for Tempest Transport (Open) to 750Cr
  • Increased Price for Tempest Fuel to 950Cr
  • Increased Price for Tempest Repair to 1500Cr
  • Lowered Price for CRV-6e Bobcat to 8000Cr (12000Cr before)
  • Lowered Price for WY-55 Hellcat to 17500Cr (23000Cr before)
  • Increased Price for Titan MPRL to 6000Cr (5250Cr before)
  • Lowered Price for Titan Compact to 6000Cr (8000Cr before)
  • Increased Price for Titan AA Missle to 2000Cr (1500Cr before)
  • Lowered Price for Titan AT Missle to 3500Cr (4000Cr before)
  • Increased Price for Titan-AA Ammo Box to 5200Cr (4500Cr before)
  • Lowered Price for Titan-AT Ammo Box to 9100Cr (12000Cr before)
  • Removed MK-14 (Camo) from NATO (Now exclusive for AAF)
  • Increased Price for MK-14 (Camo) to 9250Cr (8700Cr before)
  • Lowered Price for Kitbag (MTP) to 5300Cr (7800Cr before)
  • Lowered Price for Tactical Back Pack (Hex) & (Olive) to 4800Cr (6900Cr before)
  • Lowered Price for Laser Designator to 12000Cr (17500Cr before)

Vehicle Rearm Changes

Ground Vehicles

  • Offroad (Armed): 800Cr
  • MRAP HMG: 800Cr
  • Bobcat: 800Cr
  • MRAP GMG: 1250Cr
  • Panther/Marid: 2250Cr
  • Gorgon/Kamysh: 4000Cr
  • Mora: 3000Cr
  • Marshall: 3500Cr
  • Tigris/Cheetah: 6400Cr
  • Slammer: 6800Cr
  • Kuma: 8200Cr
  • Slammer UP: 10000Cr
  • T-100: 8600Cr
  • Sandstorm: 12000Cr
  • Scorcher: 10000Cr
  • Sochor: 10200Cr

Air Vehicles

  • Hellcat/Pawnee: 4900Cr
  • Orca (Black&White): 4000Cr
  • Orca (Armed): 5000Cr
  • Blackfoot: 8600Cr
  • Kajman: 10800Cr
  • Neophroon: 9750Cr
  • A-10 Wipeout: 12440Cr
  • Buzzard (CAS): 8100Cr
  • Buzzard (AA): 5100Cr
  • Ghosthawk/Huron (Armed): 2000Cr
  • Drone (CAS): 4000Cr


  • Vehicle Rearm: Rearming a vehicle now rearms the whole vehicle, not just the player controlled turret/seat.
  • Display Name for refunded Ammo Boxes are now set to the correct ones.
  • Fixed Repair Script Issue where the Vehicle did not get recognized as damaged.
  • Fixed: If you changed from a Non-Sniper to a Sniper Slot, you got a Helmet.
  • An Attempt to fix a Bug, where Players could accidentally start with the Default (ArmA3) Gear (i.e. Lynx for Sniper) instead of their Starting Gear defined for the Mission.
  • Spawning on MHQ in some cases (steep/rocky terrain) was not always successful. Improved script now allows spawning in these cases while also avoiding spawning into rocks.
  • Hotfix: Fixed an issue when sometimes the client does not get initialized (stuck at the respawn area)

Version 2.03.00

New Features

Rework of Classes

  • 15x Rifleman
  • 5x Engineer
  • 5x Sniper
  • 5x Medic

  • The decision, which includes the following Weapon and Item Restriction, has been made due the fact that the current system does not work very well when we look at the overall team cohesion.
  • The situation so far:
    • If you were a lone wolf, you most likely played as Medic as this is the only class to heal himself back to 100% health. This means you could buy High Powered Rifles, but also use every Rocket Launcher. Therefor it was the Rambo-class. Our observations while playing confirm that.
    • Recon Demo Specialist overlapped with Engineer as they both can disarm explosives. Recon Demo had the only advantage to use small caliber silencers (6.5mm and 5.56mm).
    • Engineer overlapped with Repair Specialist as they both can repair vehicles.

  • With this change we aim to give every class a certain range of functionality back, but also didn't want to limit the classes to strongly - these changes just felt right.
  • The reduction of class numbers was chosen due readability.
  • The restrictions and limitations, but also the strength of each class become more appearant and logical than they were before.
  • Removal of the Mar-10 and Cyrus for all except Sniper has been made due the fact that both are a light weight weapon which can be abused to play in short range but also up to 500 metres distance.
  • To compensate for this restriction, we increased the number of sniper slots.
  • The different number of classes has been made to ensure that with a squad of six players, you can have a sniper, engineer and medic including 3x Rifleman.
  • Weapon and Item Restriction due of New Classes
    • Medic
      • Only access to standard Assault Rifles and SMGs
      • Only access to PCML Launcher - can buy Titan AA/AT and PCML Rockets
      • Only access to small power scopes up to MRCO, RCO and ARCO
      • Has still access to Nightstaker and TWS MG
      • Only Class which can revive and heal players up to 100%.
      • He is the Healer.
    • Engineer
      • Only access to standard Assault Rifles and SMGs
      • Only access to PCML Launcher - can buy Titan AA/AT and PCML Rockets
      • Only access to small power scopes up to MRCO, RCO and ARCO
      • Has still access to Nightstalker and TWS MG
      • Only Class which can use the Mine Detector
      • Only Class which can repair vehicles and defuse explosives.
      • He is the Tool-Guy.
    • Sniper
      • Only access to Marksman and Sniper Rifles. No Assault Rifles (except the starting gear), SMGs and L/MGs
      • No access to Launchers whatsoever
      • Only access to high power scopes, start with MOS, DMS and upwards
      • Has still access to Nightstaker and TWS
      • Access to all Silencers
      • Only Class which can shoot from far away.
      • He is the Scout.
    • Rifleman
      • Only access to standard Assault Rifles, Marksman Rifles (except Mar-10 and Cyrus), SMGs and L/MGs
      • Has access to all Launchers
      • Only access to small power scopes up to MRCO, RCO and ARCO
      • Has still access to Nightstaker and TWS MG
      • Class with the greatest diversity of weapons.
      • He is the Fighter.

  • Fast Travel from Flag, MHQ and HQ to Flag, MHQ and HQ
  • New mechanic allows to fast travel from Flags which have 100/100 Points to MHQs, other Flags (75/100 Points) and HQ.
    • This also works from MHQ and HQ to Flags (75/100 Points), HQ and MHQ.
    • After using respawn or the new Fast Travel mechanic, the Fast Travel has a cooldown time of 60 seconds before it can be used again


  • Added Remote Designator Bags to NATO and CSAT for 3000Cr
  • Reduced price of Mine Detector to 3000Cr
  • Removed Steerable Parachutes as the Helicopters do have a Parachute option implemented
  • Reduced price for AR-2 Darter & AR-2 Tayran Backpack to 4500Cr and for AR-2 Darter & AR-2 Tayran at the flag to 6000Cr
  • Removed M-900 Helicopter from NATO shop. Problem was that it was classified as Civilian and thus a kill has been counted as -1
  • Reduced MH-9 Hummingbird price to 8000Cr
  • Reduced UAV Greyhawk/Ababil (CAS) drone price to 13500Cr
  • Increased price of MRCO, ARCO and RCO to 5500Cr
  • Increased price of all Bipods to 3500Cr
  • Increased price of NVS scope to 5500Cr
  • Reduced price of silencer 6.5mm and 5.56mm to 3500Cr
  • Reduced price of silencer 7.62mm to 6500Cr
  • Added Refuel Truck to the flagshop for 1500Cr
  • CSAT: Switched Tempest Transport and Fuel Truck at the flags to Zamak models instead - Tempest can still be bought in the HQ
  • Increase of 40mm HE Grenade from 250Cr to 300Cr
  • Added MAR-10 (Camo) variant to NATO Sniper Shop for 17800Cr
  • Reduced Price of FV-720 Mora to 12200Cr
  • Increased Price of AFV-4 Gorgon to 15300Cr


  • When buying a new weapon, instead of the old weapon getting deleted, it will now be dropped onto the ground. If the player is inside a vehicle while purchase, it will be dropped inside the cargo space of the vehicle
  • When picking up a restricted weapon or item, it will no longer be deleted but rather put back onto the cargo the player has taken it. Due scripting limitations all attachements are getting removed and put back into the cargo space individually
  • When picking up a allowed weapon but with restricted attachements attached, the attachements which are not allowed will be put back to the cargo space from which the player has taken it
  • It is no longer possible to place markers on the global and command channel
  • The lift radius and height for helicopter lifting has been increased to 15 metres - it is now easier to lift vehicles
  • The lift feature is now only operateable by the pilot
  • Removal of the unflip feature due its current broken state
  • Static weapon (Mortar, HMG), UAV data is now saved, so they cannot be exploited anymore
  • Increased rearm price for MQ4A Greyhawk (CAS) and K40 Ababil-3 (CAS) to 4000Cr
  • Increased respawn threshold of a owned flag from 51/100 to 75/100
  • Increase respawn time to 60 seconds
  • When the player waits for revive, the respawn timer is already counting down. When the player decides to respawn after 40 seconds revive time waiting, he only needs to wait 20 additional seconds in the respawn screen
  • Increased the flag capture tick-time to 15 seconds


  • Changed start optic for Sniper class to MOS
  • New Rifleman class starts with normal variant of MX, Katiba and MK20
  • New Rifleman class starts without backpack
  • Removed Laser Designator from MQ4A Greyhawk (CAS), K40 Ababil-3 (CAS), AR-2 Darter and AR-2 Tayran

Bug Fixes

  • Reflare feature was broken for a small range of helicopters
  • Mag repack: Temporary magazine listing method, as the original one is not working in Arma 3 v1.48 (
  • Mag Repack: Players were able to repack some tracer rounds to non tracer ones (E.G: MX magazines)
  • Mag Repack: Some of the Machinegun magazines took too much time to repack compared to other MG mags
  • Mag Repack: When the player got killed while repacking, the magazines in the Mag Repack screen got lost for the player
  • After Buying a new weapon which does not have single fire mode and a rocket launcher, entering and leaving a vehicle made the player switch to his rocket launcher instead of primary weapon. Player got stuck in a loop when trying to switch back to primary weapon
  • When assembling a UAV Quadcopter and immediate reconnect would dupe the backpack
  • When fast travel to a position where no position was found (player returns to last known position), the cooldown timer did still start - now it will no start anymore when reset to old position

Version 2.02.02


  • When playing as any other faction then NATO, player did not receive the attack bonus (20Cr for each 1 Point)

Version 2.02.01


  • Money and Gear save Feature (WIP): When entering a already running match, the new player will get additional money according to the already passed time.
  • Every 15 Minutes after the mission start, up to 1 hour, the player gets additional 2000Cr, but not passing 20000Cr.
  • This is also true for player who leave in the middle of the match, but come back later.


  • Reduced Hummingbird to 10000Cr.
  • Reduced Price of To-199 Neophron (CAS) to 48000Cr.
  • Reduced Price of A-143 Buzzard (CAS) to 40000Cr.
  • Reduced Price of A-143 Buzzard (AA) to 33000Cr.

New Features

  • As the rearm prices have been increased, a new rearm of flares has been introduced in the base and on the service points for Jets and Helicopters.


  • An attempt to fix scaling problems of the VehicleShop GUI on wider resolutions.

Version 2.02.00


  • Attack/Defend bonus rework: When you attack/defend a flag, you will now get 20Cr for each point you tick down/up from the flag.
  • Increase/Reduce of capture bonus: When your team has captured a flag, eveyone is getting 500Cr bonus instead of 2500Cr in the capture radius and 250Cr outside of the capture radius.
  • Removed old Group Management system and replaced it by BIS built in system.
  • Update rate for the flag has been set to 12 seconds and one player is counted as 1 point inside the flag radius (up to 4 players). This means that you get a faster update on the flag than it was before.
  • When attacking a enemy flag, which is connected to one of yours, you will get now 80Cr kill bonus when killing an enemy inside the capture area.
  • When defending a flag, you will receive 150Cr when killing an enemy inside the capture radius.
  • For each 20 points the player ticks up or down, he will receive 1 score point.


  • Increased Prices of MAR-10 and Cyrus to 14500Cr for the entry level weapons.
  • Increased Prices of Mar-10 and Cyrus Magazines to 610Cr.
  • Increased Prices of 7.62mm 20Rnd Magazines to 500Cr.
  • Increased Prices of 7.62mm 10Rnd Magazines to 240Cr.
  • Increased Prices of AMS and Khalia to 13500Cr
  • Decreased Price of LRPS to 8000Cr.
  • Increased Price of MOS to 11500Cr.
  • Increased Price of DMS to 12800.
  • Decreased Price of Vermin SMG to 4000Cr
  • Decreased Price of PDW2000 and Sting SMG to 3500Cr
  • Added 30Rnd Red Tracer Magazines for Vermin
  • Added Vermin SMG to NATO and removed it from CSAT. Now the correct side has the Vermin.
  • Added Sting SMG to CSAT and removed it from NATO. Now the correct side has the Sting.
  • Added Arid/Lush and Semi-Arid Ghillie Suites for 15200Cr. Only purchaseable by the sniper class.
  • Added Uniforms for all other factions and classes.
  • Added new Helmets to all factions.
  • Added Vests to all factions.
  • Added all Silencers for purchase by the sniper class.


  • North-East I/II and III minor changes done by baZti

New Features

  • Money and Gear Save Script (WIP). Your money and gear will now be saved on the server and will be available when you reconnect again.

Your money and gear will only be available on the side you played on and will not be moved to another faction side, but will be reseted if the player changes sides. On each mission end the whole gear and money saves will be reseted for the next round.

Version 2.01.01

New Features

  • Advanced Hint System: Only the first step in a grander implementation of the system. You will now get a small hint window when you enter as Pilot or as Passenger a helicopter capeable of the parachute system. You can expand the hint by pressing [H].
  • Shop: When you buy a new weapon, all your old attachements are being automatically transfered to the new weapon. If a item cannot be added to the weapon, it will be transfered in to your inventory.
  • Removed: Fastrope Feature. It was barely used and bugged. The new Parachute System does a well enough job as replacement.
  • Baseprotection: When you shoot now within the base you will get a popup message instead of a simple titletext. You need to click on 'OK' to proceed.
  • Group Manager tweak: It is now possible to enter a group when more then 6 players are already in it. The maximum number of players was raised to 15.
  • Unflip Feature: You are now able to unflip vehicles with a repair truck/bobcat and smaller vehicles by the engineer class.


  • Increased: Tick time for the capture was increased from 40 seconds to 60 seconds.
  • Decreased: Respawn click radius for MHQ and Flags from 250 metres (on the map) to 60 metres and 100 metres. This was due the problem when a MHQ was next to a captured flag, you respawned at the MHQ. You now need to click more precise though.


  • Changed '$' to 'Cr'.
  • Increased rearm prices at the service points as well as in the base.


  • Layouts: Moved the HQs approximately 2km - 3km away from the closest flag. This was not possible for all layouts.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Fire mode of the primary weapon did get set to 'Single' after each death. Fire mode will now be saved and switched to the last known mode when the player respawns/get revived.
  • Fixed: Vehicle/Gear shop is no longer accessible when outside of the base. You will no longer be able to complete your purchase when leaving the shop area in the base.
  • Fixed: If you put more of the same Weapon/Rocket Launcher/Optic in your shop cart. You will now only be charged for one item and only one will be added to your inventory.
  • Fixed: When buying Laserdesignator and the required Laserdesignator Batteries, they will now be correctly saved with the gear save script and readded - no more losing of those items when respawning.
  • Fixed: When flying over a flag with a Helicopter/Jet the flag overlay was shown even above 60 metres radius.
  • Fixed: You will now get your money refunded if you abort rearm progress in the base or service points by moving your vehicle.

Shop Updates


  • Katiba GL from 1500Cr to 5000Cr
  • MK20 GL from 1500Cr to 5000Cr
  • MX 3GL from 1500Cr to 6500Cr
  • All MX/Katiba and MK20 (incl. C variants) cost 1000Cr now
  • MX SW is exclusive for NATO
  • Zafir is exclusive for CSAT now
  • MK200 is exclusive for AAF now
  • Increase Price of MK200 from 2000Cr to 8300Cr
  • Increase Price of MX SW from 1200Cr to 5000Cr
  • Increase Price MK18 ABR from 2300Cr to 8500Cr
  • Increase Price of Rahim 2300Cr to 4500Cr
  • Increase MXM from 1700Cr to 2000Cr
  • Increase Zafir from 12500Cr to 15000Cr
  • Increase Vermin from 1200Cr to 8000Cr
  • Increase Sting and PDW2000 from 1200Cr to 6000Cr
  • Increase GM6 Lynx (Black) Sniper Rifle from 5000Cr to 15000Cr
  • Increase GM6 Lynx (Camo) Sniper Rifle from 5000Cr to 17500Cr
  • Increase M320 LRR (Black) Sniper Rifle from 5000Cr to 14500Cr
  • Increase M320 LRR (Camo) Sniper Rifle from 5000Cr to 17000Cr

Weapons (DLC)

  • Mar-10 (Basis) AAF only - 12000Cr
  • Mar-10 (Tan) NATO only - 12500Cr
  • Mar-10 (Camo) Nato only - 13800Cr
  • EMR-1 (Basis) AAF only - 9900Cr
  • EMR-1 (Khakhi) AAF only - 10050Cr
  • EMR-1 (Tan) NATO only - 10050Cr
  • EMR-1 (MTP) NATO only - 12000Cr
  • MK14 (Olive) AAF only - 8700Cr
  • MK14 (Camo) NATO only - 8700Cr
  • Kir (Black) CSAT only - 10000Cr
  • Kir (Hex) CSAT only - 1100Cr
  • Cyrus (Black) CSAT only - 11000Cr
  • Cyrus (Brown) CSAT only - 12500Cr
  • Cyrus (Hex) CSAT only - 13800Cr
  • Navid (Brown) CSAT only - 25000Cr
  • Navid (Hex) CSAT only - 27000Cr
  • SPMG (Black) AAF only - 22000Cr
  • SPMG (Tan) NATO only - 23000Cr
  • SPMG (MTP) NATO only - 25000Cr


  • Zafir Tracers from 120Cr to 900Cr
  • Zafir Non-Tracer from 240Cr to 1300Cr
  • MK200 Tracers from 90Cr to 600Cr
  • MK200 Non-Tracers from 180Cr to 900Cr
  • MX SW Tracers from 60Cr to 300Cr
  • MX SW Non-Tracers from 120Cr to 500Cr
  • MX/Katiba/Mk20 Tracers from 30Cr to 90Cr
  • MX/Katiba/Mk20 Non-Tracers from 60Cr to 130Cr
  • MK18 ABR Mags from 140Cr to 400Cr
  • Rahim Mags from 100Cr to 200Cr
  • 5Rnd 12.7mm Lynx Mags from 250Cr to 750Cr
  • 5Rnd 12.7mm Lynx APDS Mags from 250Cr to 2300Cr
  • 7Rnd .408mm Mags from 250Cr to 750Cr
  • Sting & PDW2000 9mm Mags from 60Cr to 150Cr
  • Vermin .45 Tracer Mags from 30Cr to 150Cr
  • Vermin .45 Non-Tracer Mags from 60Cr to 250Cr
  • 40mm GL Mag from 80Cr to 250Cr
  • MX 3Rnd 40mm Mag from 160Cr to 900Cr

Magazines (DLC)

  • Mar-10 10Rnds - 360Cr
  • Cyrus 10Rnds - 380Cr
  • Navid 150Rnds - 1800Cr
  • SPMG 130Rnds - 1500Cr
  • Kir 10Rnds - 520Cr


  • ARCO/RCO/MRCO from 500Cr to 3500Cr
  • NVS from 750Cr to 1500Cr
  • DMS from 5000Cr to 8000Cr
  • LRPS from 6500 to 8500Cr
  • SOS (new name MOS) from 6500 to 5000Cr
  • ACO/Holosight leave at 200Cr
  • ACO SMG/Holosight SMG from 100 to 200Cr
  • Nightstalker Sight - 45000Cr
  • TWS x10-x23 (with Rangefinder) - 40500Cr
  • TWS MG x10-x27 (No Rangefinder) - 35750Cr

Optics (DLC)

  • Khalia x5-x11 (Hex, has Ironsight, CSAT only) - 8500Cr
  • AMS x3-x10 (Sand, has Redot Sight, NATO) - 8500Cr
  • AMS x3-x10 (Khaki, has Redot Sight, AAF) - 8500Cr
  • MOS x2.5-x5 (All Factions) - 6000Cr


  • Assault Backpack (Green and MTP) as default for NATO - 1600Cr
  • Assault Backpack (Digi and Khaki) as default for AAF - 1600Cr
  • Field Backpack as default for CSAT - 1600Cr
  • Kitbag (MTP, only NATO) - 7800Cr
  • Tactical Backpack (Hex, only CSAT) - 6900Cr
  • Tactical Backpack (Olive, only AAF) - 6900Cr
  • Add CarryAll backpack to all for - 9500Cr


  • Increase Price for Titan AA Rockets from 1000Cr to 1500Cr
  • Decrease Price for Titan AT Rockets from 4500Cr to 4000Cr


  • Silencer 9 mm/.45 from 1000Cr to 3500Cr
  • Silencer 6.5mm and 5.56mm from 2000Cr to 5000Cr (Only Recon Demo Class)

Attachements (DLC)

  • Bipod NATO (Sand) - 3000Cr
  • Bipod NATO (MTP) - 3000Cr
  • Bipod CSAT (Black) - 3000Cr
  • Bipod CSAT (Tan) - 3000Cr
  • Bipod CSAT (Hex) - 3000Cr
  • Bipod AAF (Black) - 3000Cr
  • Bipod AAF (Green) - 3000Cr


  • Rangefinder from 1500Cr to 4750Cr
  • Binoculars from 100Cr to 520Cr
  • GPS from 700 to 2500Cr
  • UAV Terminal from 1400Cr to 5500Cr
  • Laser Designator from 25000Cr to 17500Cr


  • Explosive Satchel leave at 700Cr
  • Explosive Charge from 450 to 350Cr
  • SLAM M6 200Cr
  • AT Mine 650Cr
  • RGO Handgrenade 200Cr
  • RGN Handgrenade 150Cr
  • APERS 200Cr
  • APERS Tripwire 300Cr
  • APERS Bounding 400Cr
  • Claymore 450Cr
  • Smoke (Coloured) 40mm GL 100Cr
  • Smoke (White) 40mm GL 160Cr
  • Smoke (Blue) 40mm 3GL 400Cr
  • Smoke (White) 40mm 3GL 600Cr
  • Flares (Coloured) 40mm GL 30Cr
  • Flares (White) 40mm GL 100Cr
  • Flares (Blue) 40mm 3GL 100Cr
  • Flares (White) 40mm 3GL 400Cr

Starting Gear NATO

  • MX/C as Default Weapon, no Attachements
  • 5x Magazine Clips
  • Standard Items (Watch, Radio, Map, Compass)
  • Toolkit or Medkit for the respective classes
  • No Sidearm
  • No First Aid Kits
  • ECH (Black) Helmet
  • Long Sleeve CTRG Combat Uniform
  • Carrier Lite (CTRG)
  • Assault Backpack (Green)
  • Stargear for Sniper:
  • Ghillie Suite (NATO)
  • MXM
  • DMS Optic
  • Ramgefinder
  • No GPS

Starting Gear CSAT

  • Katiba/C as Default Weapon, no Attachements
  • 5x Magazine Clips
  • Standard Items (Watch, Radio, Map, Compass)
  • Toolkit or Medkit for the respective classes
  • No Sidearm
  • No First Aid Kits
  • Assassin Helmet (Hex)
  • Fatigues (Hex) Uniform
  • LBV Harness
  • Field Backpack (Hex)
  • Stargear for Sniper:
  • Ghillie Suite (CSAT)
  • Rahim
  • DMS Optic
  • Rangefinder
  • No GPS

Starting Gear AAF

  • MK20/C (Camo) as Default Weapon, no Attachements
  • 5x Magazine Clips
  • Standard Items (Watch, Radio, Map, Compass)
  • Toolkit & Medkit for the respective classes
  • No Sidearm
  • No First Aid Kits
  • MICH Helmet
  • Long Sleeve Combat Fatigues
  • GA Carrier Lite (Digi)
  • Assault Backpack (Khaki)
  • Stargear for Sniper:
  • Ghillie Suite (AAF)
  • MK20 (Camo)
  • DMS Optic
  • Rangefinder
  • No GPS


  • Marshall (Give TI back)
  • Panther (Give TI back)
  • Kamysh (Give TI back)
  • Marid (Give TI back)
  • Mora (Give TI back)
  • Gorgon (Give TI back)
  • Pawnee from 22000Cr to 17500Cr
  • Hellcat from 28000Cr to 23000Cr
  • Orca (Black & White) to CSAT - 15500Cr

Service Points

  • Standard Repair Time - 120s
  • Fuel Values are unchanged
  • Standard Rearm Time - 90s
  • Standard Rearm Cost - 4000Cr

  • Jets
    • Standard Reammo Cost + 2500Cr
  • UAV
    • Standard Reammo Cost - 500Cr
  • Chopper
    • Standard Reammo Cost + 500Cr
  • Tank
    • Standard Reammo Cost + 1500Cr
  • Wheeled APC
    • Standard Reammo Cost - 500Cr
  • Cars
    • Standard Reammo Cost - 500Cr

Flag Shop


  • Ammunition Box
    • 4x 100Rnds 6.5mm MX Caseless Mags Tracer
    • 10x 30Rnds 6.5mm MX Caseless Mags
    • 5x FAKs
    • Price: 2500Cr


  • Ammunition Box
    • 2x 150Rnds 7.62mm Zafir Mags Tracer
    • 10x 30Rnds 6.5mm Katiba Caseless Mags
    • 5x FAKs
    • Price: 2700Cr


  • Ammunition Box
    • 2x 200Rnds 6.5mm MK200 Mags Tracer
    • 10x 30Rnds 5.56mm MK20 Mags
    • 5x FAKs
    • Price: 3200Cr
  • Grenades Box
    • 5x Smokes Colour - 400Cr
    • 5x RGO Grenades - 1000Cr
    • 5x Chemlights Colour - 50Cr
    • remove IR grenades
    • 5x Flares White GL - 500Cr
    • 5x Smokes Coloured GL - 500Cr
    • 5x HE Grenades GL - 1250Cr
    • remove FAKs
    • Price: 2600Cr


  • Quadcopter Backpack - 6000Cr
  • Quadcopter Flags - 9000Cr
  • Greyhawk/Ababil (CAS) - 17500Cr[/quote]

Version 2.00.28


  • Fixed a exploit which allowed Titan/PCML/RPG Rockets (and basically any other gear) to be duped.


  • Fixed a bug where Sniper and Recon Demo Specialist Class lost their magazines.
  • HOTFIX: Camerashaking sometimes occured without stopping. (camerashake is disabled until it's patched)
  • Fixed: Custom Building Map Marker script cluttered map with unnecessary markers.
  • Fixed: Service Points (SP) should now work and not leave an addaction on the vehicle, even when it has left the SP.
  • Fixed the black icons in the vehicle shop and mag repack script, which bug came with 1.40 update and also fixed the black icons in the "vehicle crew" HUD
  • Fixed Missing Taru and Huron transport bonus
  • Fixed: When you pushed any buttons while getting revived, you were stuck on the floor and invincible. As soon as you respawned all your gear was gone.


  • WEST II: Fixed a bug when you bought something at Stadium, the ammobox could have spawned below the field.
  • SOUTH: Shifted the service points at the south airport.
  • NORTH EAST II: Shifted (8) Outpost 100 metres south to the hotel. Renamed it to (8) Ghost Hotel.
  • New Layout: Stratis I by -[EUTW]- void
  • New Layout: Stratis II by -[EUTW]- jrog
  • New Layout: North-East III by baZti


  • Sniper Ammunition is now buyable for all factions. (So you can support your sniper colleague).
  • Player which only bought the helicopter DLC are now able to buy the new helicopters in the shop.
  • M-900 helicopter has been added to BLUFOR. To compensate the price raise of the Hummingbird (2.00.27)

New Features

  • Parachute System: You can now buy parachutes for 300Cr in the helicopter as passenger. (How to use the parachute system).
    • The pilot needs to activate the Parachutes in order to give the passengers the ability to eject with a parachute
    • The pilot gets only 1/3 of the transportation bonus if passengers use the parachute to exit the vehicle - making parachuting less lucrative than the landing the helicopter to deplay troops.
    • The pilot also gets 100cr from each parachute purchased by a player
  • Group Bonus System: If you join a group, you get now 10% more money with each bonus you receive.
  • CRTG BLUFOR Uniforms: Blufor got a new, darker uniform.
  • Incoming Missle Warning: If an enemy has launched a locked missile at your ground vehicle, you get a warning signal like the helicopters do.
  • HQ Protection: Rockets/missiles, Tank shells, Bombs and Mortar fire will now be deleted when entering the HQ protection zone.
    • Extended the inner circle (colored) to the whole base area, which prevents players from shooting any weapons inside (black no mortar/mines area removed)
    • Note: attacking the enemy HQ is still against the rules and result in a ban.


  • Changed MHQ inventory to reflect the faction specific helicopters' inventory. Which is:
    • 10x First Aid Kit
    • 10x Smoke Grenade
    • 10x Flare Round
    • 10x Chemlight
    • 10x IR grenade


  • Updated HQ billboard to reflect the server changes.
  • Optimized Vehicle Spawning at HQ. (avoiding helicopter rotors colliding with other objects)
  • Added shadow to the Vehicle Crew hud to make it easier to see on the screen.
  • Changed the alignment of the Tips (which shows on respawn screen) to left.
  • Fixed the incorrect spelling of "Funds" in the gear shop.
  • Additional updates on the general server information page and diary entries.

Version 2.00.27


  • Fixed a exploit that allowed Sniper Scopes to be duped.
  • Fixed two separate exploits to clone Silencers.


  • Fixed a bug with the "Map-Marker"-Script, that prevent custom placed objects to be shown on Player-maps.
  • Fixed a bug on specific Pistols sold with a scope that prevented taking off the scope. Pistol and corresponding scope are now sold separately.
  • Fixed a bug with the cleanup script that caused backpack operated Items to disappear after 10 minutes.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented all Service points to be used on Layout Kavala II
  • Fixed a bug that caused Silencers, whom's usage is restricted to specific classes, to be traded to others.
  • Fixed a couple of Typos on Helpscreens / Tips / Labels.
  • Fixed a bug that caused pistol silencers to disappear after respawning.
  • Fixed a bug that cause cleanupscripts to go into negative values. Once that happened you could no longer extend your vehicle and it would get cleaned up next time you got out.

Price Balance

  • Vermin Tracer Round Ammunition price has been adjusted to bring it in line with other tracer ammunition
  • Changed the price of the Hummingbird to 13.500 cr to account for the new Fire-ring from Vehicles Features.
  • Added the Taru Bench variant for 15.500 cr. to provide opfor with a Hummingbrid counterpart.
  • Reduced the price of the Ghosthawk to 11.000 cr.
  • Reduced the Orca (black) to 6.500 credits as it is essentially a vanilla transport helicopter
  • Reduced the Hellcat green to 6.500 credits as it is now a vanilla transport helicopter
  • Changed the Mohawks price to 8.500 cr. to account for its performance deficits compared to the Huron and Taru.

Information / Help

  • The Server Billboard has been updated to reflect the correct servers and their latest configurations.
  • The Server-Number you are playing on is now shown on the "Welcome Screen"
  • The Server-Difficulty you are playing on is now shown on the "Welcome Screen"
  • The Layout-Name you are playing on is now shown on the "Welcome Screen"


  • Snipers now start with a LRPS-Scope attached to their Sniper-Rifles.
  • NVG-Goggles have been removed from all starter Loadouts.
  • Added Quad Rotor Drones to Flag poles (30% markup)
  • Added a check to prevent you from buying Quad-Rotor Drones at flags without having a UAV-terminal.
  • Medics revive Boni have been increased from 100 cr to 150 cr.
  • The Map-MarkerScript now uses grey for buildings and structures (you'd have to register with the Altean Permit Authority), black for military Intel (Asset location generated by HUMINT or SIGINT), rustish (for wrecks gathered from Battle-Reports in recent history), Olive green (for Intelligence gathers by Satellites about recent changes that give potential cover for a players approach)
  • All helicopters have had their Parachutes removed from their respective inventory. They caused problems as they take the same slot as the Backpacks, leading to lost gear. We will most likely offer a replacement as an addition to the Helicopter Taxi-System.
  • All transport Helicopters have faction specific Signaling equipment added to their inventory. This basically means Smoke Grenades, IR Grenades, Flares and Chemlights, so a person being dropped off by a Helicopter can replenish his gear to signal the Helicopter pilot on his return trip.


  • The gearshop has been enhanced by the following categories to make gear selection more intuitive: Attachments, Grenades, Glasses
  • Added multiple Glasses / Masks to the gear-shop to be used with LHM_Glasses Addon.
  • The Taru and the Huron are now available as a transport version priced for 10.000 cr. We will not be adding the different Variants of the Taru (or the Huron Armed) to the mission, until we can make them fit into the TTW ecosystem.
    • Note: you need to own the Helicopters DLC in order to buy them
  • Snipers can now purchase a replacement Sniper Rifle, if they accidentally drop theirs.
  • Snipers can now purchase a replacement LPRS_Scope, if they accidentally drop theirs.
  • Recon Soldiers can now repurchase a silencer when they accidentally drop theirs
  • Added faction specific NVG-goggles to the shop.
  • On noNVG-Missions you can no longer buy NVG-Goggles.


  • The Flag capture script will now only consider the impact of 4 people at a time when attacking /defending. That means that a flag can only be taken 20 points at a time. This gives the Defenders around 100 seconds to respond to attacks on their flags. Additionally you now need to remove the opposition forces inside the Capture circle to less than 4 (or your own number if lower then 4) in order to have the progress move in either direction. No more hiding, get out your gun and shoot people.
  • The script telling you whether or not you are inside a capturing circle has been reworked to trigger instantly. There is no longer a delay when entering / leaving the area.
  • MHQ's will no longer be liftable by Huron / Taru.

Version 2.00.26

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a Bug that caused vehicles spawned in Water to get stuck in the Mud
  • Fixed a bug, that caused the MHQ Intrusion detection system to now work (which allowed people to drive hostile MHQ's for more then 5 seconds) [was introduced with Arma 1.32]
  • Fixed a Bug, that caused Repair points to work everywhere on the map during specific conditions . [was introduced with Arma 1.32]
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Snipers to carry Backpacks
  • Fixed a Bug, that allowed you to Take off Uniforms.
  • Fixed a Bug that caused the ability to trade sniper rifles to non snipers via the cargohold
  • Fixed a Bug that in certain situations caused the Health-Indicator to glitch out, the Medic not to be able to heal friendlies, and non medics not to be able to heal them self with First Aid Kits.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Nametags to glitch out.


  • Fixed an exploit, that allowed you to open the Gear and Vehicle shop from anywhere on the Map.
  • Fixed an Exploit, that allowed you to dupe gear.



  • Added Transport-Boni for Helicopter "Taxi-Service":
    • 100cr / 1km / passenger (minimum 500m transported), if you take passengers:
      • to an Attackable / Defendable flag (LZ / Drop Zone must within 400m from the flagpole)
      • back to the HQ
    • Note:
      • Distance is "as the crow flies" (the shortest distance between the pickup and the drop-off points), the distance traveled does not matter.
      • The pilot needs to be located in the pilot seat while the passengers exit.
      • The Bonus is paid out the second the player leaves the vehicle (Fast Roping, Parachuting, Landing & Drop-off) as long as the above conditions are met.

  • Cleaning-Script: you can now extend the lifetime of your vehicle, to stop it from being removed

Shop changes

  • Opfor now uses TEMPEST Variants instead of Zamak Variants for Transport vehicles, Ammo, Repair and Fueltrucks.

Price balance


  • Faction specific Transport (Opentop): 300
  • Faction specific Transport (covered): 450
  • Quadbike 650
  • Offroad Armed
  • Hunter / Ifrit / Strider: 2500
  • HMG : 6.000
  • GMG: unchanged
  • Marid: 9.500
  • Panther: 10.500
  • Bobcat: 12.000
  • Marshall: 11.850
  • Gorgon: 12.150
  • Mora: 14.150
  • Kamysh: 16.850
  • Slammer: 25.600
  • Slammer UP: 28.100
  • T100: 28.200
  • Kuma 28.600


  • ACO / MK17 scopes: price doubled: 200 cr
  • NVS Optic: 750 cr
  • SOS-Optic: 6.500 cr


  • White Smoke: 2.5x increase - 25 cr
  • RGO / Minigrenade: 3x increase - 75 cr
  • APERS Mine: 60 cr
  • APERS Bounding Mine: 70 cr
  • SLAM Mine: 125 cr
  • AT Mine: 250 cr
  • Explosive charge (C4): 350 cr
  • Claymore: 450 cr
  • Satchel charge: 700 cr

Rocket launcher's and Rockets

  • Titan AA Launcher: price reduced to 5.250 cr
  • RPG HE: 750 cr
  • TITAN AP: 1.000 cr
  • Titan AA: 1.000 cr
  • PCML: 2.500 cr
  • RPG AT: 2.250 cr
  • Titan AT: 4.500 cr


  • Rangefinder: 1.500 cr
  • GPS: 700 cr
  • NVG Goggles: 1.000 cr
  • UAV Terminal: 1.400 cr
  • 9mm Silencer: 1.000 cr
  • .45 Silencer: 1.000 cr


  • SDAR underwater Rifle has been added: priced like a SMG.
  • Vermin has been moved to Opfor as it is a Opfor weapon
  • Stinger has been moved to Bluefor


  • Tracers Magazines are now half as expensive as normal Magazines.
  • There has been a general price increase on normal Magazines based on Caliber and Amount.
  • Added SDAR 5.56 UW: 240 cr.
  • Added SDAR STANAG: 120 cr
  • Added SDAR Tracer faction specific color: 80 cr.
  • You can now only buy Faction specific Smoke, Flares for 40mm Grenade launcher

Flag Store

  • Items on the flag now cost 30% Markup over HQ Prices. No more Buying in bulk and for a discount. Exception: HMG's get a 50% Markup as they have been used way too prolific after a flag had been capped.
  • replaced the current ammo boxes with 5 new faction specific models
  • Ammunition Box: 1.550 cr
  • Grenade Box: 520 cr
  • Titan AA Box: 2.600 cr
  • RPG Box 5.850 cr
  • PCML Box: 6.500 cr
  • Titan AT Box: 11.700 cr
  • Added factions specific transport vehicles (covered and opentop)


  • Added a hint to the respawn button to reflect that you need to press spacebar to use it [since the mouse-click function is broken since Arma 1.28]


  • Improvements to the cleaning script efficiency
    • It now runs every 10 minutes instead of 15. Additionally: Items dropped to the ground as well as dead bodies are now immediately removed.
  • Added cleaning script for mines. Mines detected by hostiles will be removed every 30 minutes. Mines detected by friendlies only will never be cleaned up.

Version 2.00.25


Ammo truck has been removed

  • Info: we are working on a custom ammo truck, the build-in one was removed to prevent mortar and AT exploiting


New script to handle excessive fatigue

We now offer different Fatigue Values on our servers, to cater to different play styles:

Server EU-1: Fatigue disabled

Server EU-2: Fatigue 60%

Server EU-3: Fatigue 60%

Server EU-4: Fatigue 60%

Server EU-5: Fatigue 100%

Fatigue settings for the Server are now displayed on the Welcome-Screen


NorthWest updated

Version 2.00.23


Dismantled MK30 HMG: Price INCREASED from 3000cr to 8000cr


  • Info: We are working on a new gear shop, but that takes time


Medic Start Gear: FAK's DECREASED from 10 to 5


Version 2.00.22


PCML/RPG Rockets: Price INCREASED from 250cr to 350cr

TITAN AP Rocket: Price INCREASED from 300cr to 400cr


=> Side Note: We can't guarantee that everything in the following list is fixed now. We need to test some things with you first.

Missing Flares: Every chopper should have flares again

Empty Gear Shop: Shouldn't happen anymore

No Chat Bug: You can now see the chat again, while waiting for revive

AI: Isn't shooting at dead bodies anymore

First Death: CfgMagazines-Error message is not coming up anymore

Problems after respawn/death: Minor fixes

Respawn: New function in the script to look for empty position

Save Gear Script: Minor fixes


Kill Animations: IMPROVED

Runway Lights: ADDED to each airport with jets

Start Gear: Smoke Grenades and Chemlights REMOVED

Welcome Screen: UPDATED for layouts without NVG

Version 2.00.21


Revive: ADJUSTED to the death screen

Teleporting: Indicator at flagpole ADDED

Minor changes: Ongoing optimisations


Playerslots: INCREASED from 50 to 60 players

Info: There gonna be 1-2 changes on some layouts afterwards, if everything is working fine and we stay at 60 slots


Map: TS and WIKI info UPDATED

Version 2.00.20

New Vehicle Shop (WIP)

We REPLACED the vehicle shop with a new one.

The gear shop getting updated too in one of the later updates.

Vehicle Shop

Offroad Armed price DECREASED from 2.500cr to 1.500cr and at flag from 3.000cr to 2.000cr

Bonus for defending (WIP)


150cr extra cash if

  • Killed enemy is inside the circle of a flag your team is holding
  • The flag is connected to at least one flag which is owned by the attacker

and cash for stabilization of the own flag after an attack:

  • 10cr per flag tick point taken back if inside circle (60 meters radius) and 4cr if defending from outside within a radius of 120 meters.

Example: Flag is at 50 Points and you bring it back up to 100 while in the circle: 500cr bonus.

Bonus for healing

Healbonus for Medics with a Medkit INCREASED from 50Cr to 100Cr


South-West: Area around Roadblock and Edessa IMPROVED

South-West II: Minor changes and one flag deleted for more symmetrical gameplay

Central II: New layout ADDED which is replacing the old Central II


MHQ Respawn Timer: INCREASED from 120 seconds to 240 seconds

Advertising: Infoboard in mainbase UPDATED

HUD: Better visibility for money and

Bugfix: On death screen (countdown for respawn) you are not able to respawn by blind clicking on the map anymore

Deathscreen: Infos for possibilities to respawn ADDED

Version 2.00.12


IDS: MHQ protection, server side, re-enabled

Version 2.00.11


Shop: Ammo prices for weapons ADJUSTED

Shop: Titan AT and Titan AA Launcher price INCREASED from 4.000cr to 8.000cr

Shop: PCML price INCREASED from 1.500cr to 2.000cr and RPG price INCREASED from 1.000cr to 1.800cr

Flag Shop (Rocket Crate): RC now contains 2x Titan AA + 2x Titan AT for 3.000cr

Before: 3x Titan AA Rockets, 3 Titan AT Rockets and 5 PCML/RPG Rockets for 3.500cr

Flag Shop (Ammo Box): FAK and HE DECREASED from 10 to 5, AB price INCREASED from 700cr to 1.000cr

Shop: Carryall Backpacks are not available for purchase anymore (they are class exclusive now)

Vehicle/Flag Shop: Offroad Armed ADDED, price 2.500cr at base and 3.000cr at flag

Respawn Revamp

Scripts and displays (Respawn without being killed in action): Respawn button in the main menu is now activated after 15 seconds and the use is associated with a 500cr penalty

Scripts (Respawn at flags): You can't respawn in (deep) water anymore and you are now respawning randomly around the capture area

Game Balance

Classes: Slots for Snipers DECREASED from 3 to 2

Now: 2 Snipers, 9 CLS, 9 Rep Spec, 3 Engineers, 2 Recon Demos

Info: We are not done yet. More class changes in progress


Scripts (Firemode): Zafir standard firemode after purchase/respawn is now automatic

Advertising: EUTW infoboard UPDATED

FAQ: Welcome screen UPDATED

Death Screen: Tips UPDATED


FullAuto mode script: MX SW and Binoculars weren't usable

Version 2.00.00


Now possible: NATO vs CSAT, NATO vs AAF and CSAT vs AAF

We only added INDEPENDENT (AAF) to two Jet Layouts first (Central and West)

New MHQ names:


Layouts: Pre-captured towns now ACTIVATED on each layout

Scripts: Service Points REWORKED But: It's still WIP and BIS released a new patch, there could be new problems


Scripts: Money refund for Jets ADDED

Scripts: Nameplates are now ACTIVATED from the mission start

Scripts: Fast ropes added for Hellcat choppers You can still disable them if you want with Windows-Key or CTRL+L

Scripts and displays: Welcome screen (how to play) IMPLEMENTED

Bugfix: Backpack restriction for Snipers FIXED

Vehicles: First Aid Kits in each vehicle DECREASED from 10 to 5

Items: Price of Mine Detector INCREASED from 500cr to 5.000cr

Medic Revamp

Scripts and displays: Health indicator IMPLEMENTED

Indicator disappears if health is at 100

Info: Only a Medic can heal you up to 100 (engine restriction)

First Aid Kit only up to 75 (engine restriction)

Payment: Medics now getting paid for their job, 50cr for each revive (starting low, we want to collect some data first)

Scripts: Restrictions for revive IMPLEMENTED

Medic with a Medkit can revive up to 100, without Medkit up to 75 (don't drop it anymore!) and everyone else up to 60

Version 1.97.0

Layouts: South-West II UPDATED (Com Center)

Layouts: West-Coast REWORKED

Shop: White Smoke Grenades ADDED for 10cr

Version 1.96.8

Layouts: East UPDATED (Service Point and HQs got shifted)

BLUFOR Item Shop: Chemlight blue and yellow for 10cr ADDED

OPFOR Item Shop: Chemlight red and yellow for 10cr ADDED

BLUFOR Item Shop: IR Grenade (NATO) for 15cr ADDED

OPFOR Item Shop: IR Grenade (CSAT) for 15cr ADDED

Item Shop: Laser Designator price DECREASED from 35.000cr to 25.000cr

Item Shop: Mortar Tube price INCREASED from 9.000cr to 13.000cr

Weapon Shop: missing weapons ADDED

  • MXC (BLUFOR) for 1.000cr, Katiba Carbine (OPFOR) for 1.000cr and TRG21 for 1.250CR

UAV Shop: MQ4A Greyhawk (CAS) and K40 Ababil-3 (CAS) price DECREASED from 17.500 to 13.000

Scripts: Alternative keybind for nameplates CHANGED to CTRL+L

Version 1.96.8

Layouts: East UPDATED (AA-Statics at Backyard removed)

Scripts: new EUTW Group Managment ADDED

Advertising (Partners): Impact Gaming REMOVED

Version 1.96.7


Scripts: Snipers can NO LONGER use or buy storage backpacks. UAV, Mortar, MK50, and Parachutes are still able to be purchased.

Weather: Fixed the fog settings for all layouts working (The arma version 1.14 patch caused some issues with this)

Layouts: West UPDATED. Fourth layout with Jets

Layouts: South-West UPDATED (Additions made to Edessa)

Vehicle Shop: Quad price INCREASED from 200cr to 300cr

Flag Shop: Quad price INCREASED from 200cr to 400cr Vehicle

Shop: Standard Hunter/Ifrit price INCREASED from 1000cr to 1500cr

Flag Shop: Standard Hunter/Ifrit price INCREASED from 1500cr to 1800cr

Shop: Ammo and Rocket Crates can NO LONGER be purchased at the HQ, but can still be purchased at the captured flags.

Flag Shop: Rocket Crates DECREASED from 4000cr to 3500cr

Flag Shop: Content of ammo crates changed. Ammo with tracers have been REPLACED by standard ammo

BLUFOR Vehicle Shop: Bobcat price DECREASED from 14000Cr to 10000cr

Weapon Shop: MK200 price INCREASED from 1600cr to 2000cr

BLUFOR Weapon Shop: MK 18 ABR price DECREASED from 2500cr to 2300cr

OPFOR Weapon Shop: Rahim price DECREASED from 2500cr to 2300cr

Layouts: West II UPDATED (reworked points, two new flags added, etc...)

Layouts: West UPDATED. This is the fourth layout with Jets

Layouts: South-West UPDATED (Additions made to Edessa)

Version 1.96.6


Scripts: If you still own the majority of the captured area, you can spawn there

==> new requirement: 51/100 (old requirement: 55/100)

Layouts: South-West completely REWORKED and bug got FIXED that the round isn't ending if everything got captured by one team

Layouts: East got UPDATED, this is our third layout with Jets now

Info: There are no plans to add jets to each layout. Maybe five or six layouts with jets. That's it.

Layouts: South UPDATED, you can now buy stuff without problems at Sector D

Scripts: fog 0 should/could work again with our three layouts with Jets

Advertising: Infoboard at HQ with new partner server UPDATED

We will test this update on one server first.

Version 1.96.5

Mod Changes

Shop: Zamak Trucks got REPLACED by the new Tempest Trucks for OPFOR

Layouts/Scripts: Jets for a testrun with North-East II & Central ADDED

==> A-164 Wipeout (CAS) costs 55000cr ==> To-199 Neophron (CAS) costs 53000cr

Info: There are plans to increase the fixed viewdistance soon. But we need to parse some things first.

Layouts: West II (smaller adjustments) & Central (both HQ's got moved for better coexistence with Jets) UPDATED

We will update Server 3 first. If everything is working without new bugs, we will update the other servers and give these files to our partners too.

Version 1.96.4

Mod Changes

Scripts: alternative keybind for nameplates ADDED (CTRL+P)

Scripts: MHQ script against stealing and inexperience ADDED

All Layouts: HQ marker on map UPDATED

Advertising: Infoboard at HQ with partner servers UPDATED

Info: We're already working on the next update for a testrun with the new jets. North-East II will be the test candidate. Release date is next monday or earlier.

How we will implement Jets: You will be able to port from HQ to Airbase (back and forth). On the airbase ("don't attack" area like the HQ) you will be able to buy a jet.

Version 1.96.3

Mod Changes

Cleaning Script: ongoing optimizations

Layouts: minor changes (flags/objects) to prevent problems with the next patch

Layouts: North-East II UPDATED for test run with a colour correction profile

Scripts: you can't pick up a Sniper weapon anymore, if you are not a Sniper

Bugfixing: MHQ spawning at airbase problem could be FIXED, we need to test it

Version 1.96.2


Scripts: ADDED enableSentences false. This removes the annoying automatic radio callouts ingame.

Vehicle Shop:

HEMTT/Zamak Refuel Truck INCREASED from 800cr to 1000cr

HEMTT/Zamak Repair Truck INCREASED from 800cr to 1200c

HEMTT/Zamak Ammo Truck INCREASED from 800cr to 2000cr

Drone Shop: MQ4A Greyhawk, UGV Stomper (RCWS), K40 Ababil-3 and UGV Stomper (RCWS) REMOVED from the shop

The K40 Ababil-3 (CAS), MQ4A Greyhawk (CAS) and the AR-2 Darter are still available.

Vehicle Cleaning Script (still WIP): smaller optimizations, out of mainbase the following stuff getting removed each 20 minutes if no one is in the vehicle: Quads, unarmed Hunter/Ifrit, Hunter/Infrit HMG, Transport/Refuel/Medic Truck and the Ammo Box

Don't forget: There is a refund script running for the first seconds after you bought something which isn't spawning or is destroyed within that time. This is also working if something getting deleted by clean up script.

Version 1.96.1

Mod Changes

Shop: Slammer UP ADDED to the BLUFOR shop for 23000cr

Shop: Slammer price DECREASED from 23000cr to 21500cr

Shop: Both thermal scopes were REMOVED (TWS/Nightstalker)

Missionfile (scripts): Smaller adjustments

Economy: Team capture (the money you get if your team is capturing a flag and you are out at least 120m from the flag being capped) INCREASED from 100cr to 250cr

Cleaning Script: Out of mainbase only Quads/Ifrits/Hunters (unarmed) getting deleted all 25 minutes (if you are not on the vehicle), in mainbase all vehicles (MHQs excluded) getting removed each 25 minutes. The refund script change below should help to alleviate lost vehicles.

Refund System: Timer for refund script (for vehicles who are not spawning or got removed by cleaning script) within base changed from 20 to 60 seconds.

The cleaning script is still WIP but it should be much better now. More improvements to come.

Version 1.96

Game Changes & Additions

Flag Capture Mechanics: Re-scripted the whole flag capture process from scratch, these changes include:

Flag capture process will now be exclusively computed by the server (It was previously computed client-side) Flags need to be scouted now before their status is shown. As long as they aren't, the capture points appear black. Once scouted they will change to the color of the entity that holds it. If a player is shot down inside the capture zone, he will no longer be contributing to the capture process as long as he is not revived. However, the player will still receive a payment if the zone is captured. When you are inside the capture area, you get a information bar on top of your screen which informs you about flag name and current points

Economy Changes:

Inside Capture Zone: 2500cr (Was 3000cr)

Outside Capture Zone (60m-120m from Capture Center): 1000cr (New Addition)

Team Capture: 100cr (New Addition)

Killing Enemy: 300cr (Was 400cr) Killing AI: 100 (Was 200cr)

Cash over time per flag: 40cr (Was 50cr) Cash over time base: 80cr (Was 10cr)

Feature: Magazine Repack by Outlawled added. Push 'CTRL + R' for the menu to pop up. Key function can be reassigned directly in the script options.

Vehicles: If you buy a vehicle at base or a flag, it will be marked with a 3D icon indicating the location and distance away. For Vehicles, the icon will disappear once you unlock it. Ammo and Rocket Crate icons will disappear after 20 seconds.

Vehicles: All vehicles bought form the store or captured flags will ONLY have 10x First Aid Kits (FAK's) inside. With the exception of MHQ's which have default inventory.

Missions: All layouts who are starting a few minutes before dawn are now without NVG's (East, West-Coast, & North II).

Squad Management: Removed due the request of the creator (Xeno)

Layouts: the old North-East got replaced by a whole new North-East

Bug Fixes

Scripts: Various script functions optimized

Scripts: Various JIP fixes

Scripts: Server cleanup script rewritten for deleting idle vehicles (such as unused Quadbikes)

Scripts: Fixed mission not ending on the server

Scripts: Nametags tweaked

Scripts: Flag capture core function debugged

[Rolled Back]Version 01.95a


Script: mission would not end for the server - fixed

MHQs: have now always their full inventory back

Shop: all vehicles which where bought will only have 10x FirstAidKits inside

Script: Infobar will be no longer connected to the Interface Size

[Rolled Back] Version 01.95

Mod Changes

Script: Re-scripted the whole flag capture process from scratch, these changes include: Flag capture process will now be exclusively computed by the server (It was previously computed client-side) The flags need to be scouted: as long as they are not, they appear black on screen and your team will not know what the enemy is up to If a player is shot down inside the capture zone, he will no longer be contributing to the capture process as long as he is not revived When you are inside the capture area, you get a information bar on top of your screen wich informs you about flagname and current points (you need to have the interface size at 'small' or smaller so it will proper work

Script: Re-scripted AI and playerkill messages. Also, the respective netcode

Economy: The following changes have been made to cash flow: 1500Cr for capturing a flag when you're within the capture area 500Cr for being within 120 metres of the captured flag your teams has taken 250Cr for everyone else on the team

Economy: The basepay per minutes has been INCREASED to 100Cr and the pay for each captured flag decreased to 40Cr

All Layouts: Several adjustments (service points, starting time, map legend, bugfixing)

Squad Management: REMOVED at the request of the creator (Xeno)

Layouts: West-Coast is no longer an IFV Only mission

Items: All layouts who are starting a few minutes before dawn are now without NVG's (East, West-Coast, & North II)

Tips: Adjusted to accomodate changes

[Test] Version 01.94.r4

- script: rescripted the whole flag capture process from scratch. these changes include:

  • flag capture process will be exclusively computed by the server (not client as it previously was)
  • the flags need to be scouted: as long as they are not, they appear black on screen and your team will not know what the enemy is up to
  • if a player is shot down inside the capture zone, he will no longer be contributing to the capture process as long as he is not revived
  • when you are inside the capture area, you get a information bar on top of your screen wich informs you about flagname and current points (you need to have the interface size at 'small' or smaller so it will proper work)

- script: rescripted AI and playerkill messages and the respectivly netcode - economy: you will now get:

  • 1500Cr for capturing a flag when you're within the capture area
  • 500Cr for being within 120 metres of the captured flag your teams has taken
  • 250Cr for everyone else on the team

- economy: the basepay per minutes has been increased to 100Cr and the pay for each captured flag decreased to 40Cr

- all layouts: several adjustments (service points, starting time, map legend, bugfixing)

[Test] Version 01.94.r3

Implemented (note: this will be a test and only deployed on #4): respawn: waiting time increased to 25 seconds flag: capture reward decreased to 2000cr economy: minimum income from the beginning (means without a captured flag) increased from 10Cr/min to 100Cr/min economy: flag income decreased from 50/min to 40Cr/min per flag shop: if you buy a vehicle it will now spawn without items in the inventory MHQs: inventory items removed

Version 01.94.r2

Mod Changes

Script: Lift script TWEAKED: if the vehicle you try to lift has players in it, they first need to disembark bevor you can lift it

Script: Service points now have the same options as the base does (note: still WIP)

Script: Time synchronization IMPLEMENTED for JIP players

Version 01.94.r1

Mod Changes

Script: Money refund IMPLEMENTED for vehicles that are destroyed or not created after purchase (20 seconds timelimit in the base, 7 on the flags), you get the full paid price back

Script: Name Tags TWEAKED (Beta)

Script: IMPLEMENTED new gear save and load script from trnapsters upcoming mission trCTI (Beta)

Script: Unflip Quadbike script IMPLEMENTED

Shop: ADDED Laser Designator for 35000Cr

Shop: ADDED Laser Designator Batteries for 200Cr

UAV Shop: REMOVED AR-2 Darter and Tayran AR-2

Shop: ADDED AR-2 Darter and Tayran AR-2 to the "Backpacks" section of the shop

Shop: ADDED new optics for SMG's: ACO SMG (Red) - BLUFOR ACO SMG (Green) - OPFOR Mk17 Holosight SMG - BLUFOR & OPFOR

Shop: DECREASED 30Rnd Vermin SBR Mag price to 25Cr

Shop: DECREASED 30Rnd Scorpion Mag price to 25Cr

Shop: Vermin SBR is now AVAILABLE ONLY for BLUFOR - price 1200Cr

Shop: Scorpion EVO 4 is now AVAILABLE ONLY for OPFOR - price 1200Cr

Shop: ADDED Sound Suppressor (9 mm) to OPFOR for 1000Cr

Shop: ADDED Sound Suppressor (.45 ACP) to BLUFOR for 1000Cr

Ammo Box: ADDED 5 x 30Rnd Scorpion Mag to the OPFOR box and 5 x 30Rnd Vermin SBR Mag to the BLUFOR box

Tips: ADDED new tips on the respawn screen

Version 01.93

Mod Changes

Script: NO ENTRY - error message dialog at the beginning of the mission is now RESOLVED

Script: RE-SCRIPTED the vehicle lock

Script: you can now lock/unlock your teams MHQs for the enemy - the enemy cannot unlock it

Script: IMPLEMENTED a notification when you turn the name tags on/off

Server: Auto map rotation now functions properly

Version 01.92

Mod Updates

Script: it is now possible to respawn directly at the MHQ when you're in the respawn screen

Script: added player name tags. You switch it on and off with the left Windows Key (note: still WIP and only make sense on 3P Off server ;))

Version 01.91

Mod Changes

Script: New lock/unlock vehicle script implemented. It will now show up instantly and doesn't randomly appear anymore in the middle of the screen.

Shop: AH-99 Blackfoot and Mi-48 Kajman price matched to 44000Cr

Shop: NVGs added for 500Cr

Version 01.90

Mod Changes

Script: BTC_fnc_handledamage_gear function DEACTIVATED. It always called the BTC_gear_save script as often as the player got damage

Service Points: You now have to pay 3000Cr for vehicle service. If you are in a vehicle, scroll with your mouse and click on 'Full Service'. If you want to replenish a UAV, just roll onto the helipad

Version 01.89

Mod Changes

Shop: Titan AA rockets price INCREASED to 1000Cr

Shop: CRV-6e Bobcat price INCREASED to 14000Cr due to the fact that you can refuel, repair and rearm other vehicles with it

Flag Shop: ADDED "findEmptyPosition" command for the purchased vehicle so it won't spawn in a wall

Script: Thermal Imaging should now work properly for the T-100 Varsuk and M2A1 Slammer

Bugfix: cleaning-script FIXED, FPS should be better again

Layouts: South-West and North-West UPDATED (HQ's adjusted)

Version 01.88

Mod Changes

Script: RE-WROTE the flag shop. It will now pop up only if you look at the flag directly. It will stay constantly and will not switch on and off after 3 seconds as it was previously

Script: Thermal Imaging RE-ENABLED in the T-100 Varsuk and M2A1 Slammer

Script: Respawn choose TWEAKED. You will now see the map centered over your HQ on the respawn screen

Script: ADDED tips to the screen while waiting for respawn

Ammo Box: ADDED 5 smoke grenades (red or blue respectively)

Classes: REVERTED these changes from the last 1.87 update:

Classes: REMOVED all smoke grenades from the player and added two (2) side specific coloured smokes to the player (red for OPFOR, blue for BLUFOR)

Classes: REMOVED chemlight green from BLUFOR and chemlight red from OPFOR player

Shop: MSE-3 Marid price DECREASED to 9000Cr

Shop: IFV-6a Panther price DECREASED to 10000Cr

Shop: CRV-6e Bobcat price DECREASED to 8000Cr

Shop: Ifrit GMG and Hunter GMG price DECREASED to 7000Cr

Flag Shop: MSE-3 Marid ADDED for 11500Cr

Flag Shop: IFV-6a Panther ADDED for 12500Cr

Layout: REMOVED two flags in South-West and connected (2) Pyros Gulf with (5) AAC Airfield

Layout: REMOVED the connection between (1) Syrta and (3) Abdera, as well as (6) Koroni and (8) Transformer

Layout: South-East, area around Panagia UPDATED

HQ: ADDED friendly and enemy models to look at in the main base - know your enemies and friendlies

HQ: ADDED lights in the main base for night missions

Version 01.87

Mod Changes

Player Marker: Refresh time INCREASED to 3 seconds

Server: Terrain Detail level DECREASED (rollback) to High (Very High had a big performance impact on local machines)

Shop: Parachute price DECREASED to 50Cr (use it for incursion from the air)

Script: ADDED Fast Ropes to the choppers

How To: ADDED description on how to use the Fast Ropes

Classes: REMOVED all smoke grenades from the player and added two (2) side specific coloured smokes to the player (red for OPFOR, blue for BLUFOR)

Classes: REMOVED chemlight green from BLUFOR and chemlight red from OPFOR player

Version 01.86

Mod Changes

Shop: The shop menu will now be opened over the action menu entry "Shop Menu" when you're inside of your base (The key 'U' is now discarded)

Shop: Nato Ammo Box price REDUCED to 700Cr and REMOVED 1x PCML Rockets

Shop: East Ammo Box price REDUCED to 700Cr and REMOVED 1x RPG32 AT Rockets

Player Marker: ADJUSTED marker colours

Script: new squad management ADDED. Scroll down to 'Squad Management' and look for a squad you want to join

How To: ADDED new entry for explanation how the new squad management works

Sniper Class: REMOVED Laser designator

Revive System: FIXED and REWORKED

New Script: MHQ is exploding now in deep water

Version 01.85

Mod Changes

Bugfix: Player Marker REWORKED

Server Rules Added: It is forbidden to drive the enemy MHQ into the water! Violating this will deal in permanent ban!

Group manager: SWITCHED from 'TAB' to 'T' for activation

Shop/Flag shop: Rocket ammo crate for 4000 Cr (net price for each item bought single: 5750Cr) ADDED Contains: * 5x PCML rockets / 5x RPG32 AT rockets * 3x Titan AA rockets * 3x Titan AT rockets

Flag shop: 'Dismantled MK30 HMG' for 3000Cr and 'Folded MK30 HMG Tripod' for 100Cr ADDED *it's broken, we will fix it with the next update*

Server: Terrain Detail level to Very High INCREASED

Layouts: South-East (Altis) area around Checkpoint & North-East II (Altis) Deadzone and Backyard/Village UPDATED

Version 01.84

Bugfix: Map playermarker refresh time increased over mission time (This fix is BETA and will continue to monitor).

Bugfix: Possibility of joining AI Squads with the group manager now removed.

Shop: Claymore Mine price decreased to 100 Credits.

Shop: BTR-K Kamysh was labelled for 19000 Credits. Now changed to accurately read 18000 Credits.

Ammobox: Added 5 x 40mm HE Single Grenade Shell.

MHQ's: Teleportation radius increased to 50 meters.

Version 01.83

Start Money: DECREASED to 3.000

Main Shop: Hummingbird INCREASED to 6.000

Main Shop: Black Orca (unarmed) now with lift script (Mohawk REMOVED) and price INCREASED to 8.000

Main Shop: Ghosthawk (still with lift script) INCREASED to 10.000

Main Shop: Pawnee INCREASED to 22.000 and Orca (armed) DECREASED to 34.000

Main Shop: Titan AA Rockets DECREASED to 500

Main Shop: Titan AP Rockets DECREASED to 300

Main Shop: APDS_Mag for sniper REMOVED (because APDS is not existing for M320 LRR)

Main Shop: APERS Tripewire Mine to the shop ADDED

UAV Shop: Greyhawk/Ababil-3 (including CAS) flares DECREASED to 60 (smallest magazine)

UAV Shop: Greyhawk/Ababil-3 price DECREASED to 30.000

Version 01.82

Mod Changes

Vehicles: Pawnee, Hummingbird and Black Orca NOW HAVE FLARES (We will continue to discuss price adjustments)

Shop: Kamysh price INCREASED from 17.000 to 19.000

shop: Mortar Tube DECREASED from 10.000 to 9.000

shop: Mortar Bipod DECREASED from 1.000 to 100

shop: ADDED the MK30 HMG static weapon system with the associated tripod (non raised version)

Shop: REMOVED the blue and red caps

script: placed explosives now getting REMOVED after 45 minutes (script not working with AT Mine and APERS Mine yet - we will finish this script later - it was more important to us to release the update now)

Version 01.81

While we wait for a fix from BIS for the low FPS problem at burning vehicles we have decided to lower the dead vehicle scrub time.

Hotfix: Seconds to delete "dead vehicles" changed from 120 to 20

Version 01.80

Mod Changes

Layouts: North-West (fog/wind settings were broken/not synced) and North-East II (Stocktown) updated

Layouts: frequency for rain at some layouts decreased (not all!)

new layout: South-East (RC1) added

Version 01.79

Mod Changes

Layouts: North-East II (boats + minor changes) and Stratis (military base @ airport) UPDATED


We will fix the problems with the map (player markers) when void is back from vacation

Version 01.78

Mod Changes

Main Shop: Zafir price DECREASED from 13.500 to 12.500

Main Shop: Nightstalker price DECREASED from 30.000 to 25.000 and TWS from 25.000 to 20.000

UAV Shop: MQ4A Greyhawk and K40 Ababil-3 price INCREASED from 30.000 to 40.000

UAV Shop: MQ4A Greyhawk (CAS) and K40 Ababil-3 (CAS) price INCREASED from 15.000 to 17.500

Ammo Box: East and West 5.56 mm ammunition ADDED

Layout Change: North-East II (RC1) ADDED

Layout Change: North-West (boats)

View Distance: INCREASED from 1.500 to 1.600

New Add-on Script

BLASTCORE will be allowed on the servers for the next update 01.79.

Version 01.77

- layouts: West I and II (Factory besides Kore) updated

- shop: explosive satchel and mini grenade to explosives added

- bugfix: respawnposition is 100+ metres away from the flag again



- new layout (North-East II) in progress


Version 01.76

- bugfix: you can't respawn in rocks anymore

- layouts: north (bugfix) and east (quarry) updated

Version 01.75

- AI: Independent decreased from 5 to 3 at each flag (reduced performance hit at the beginning of the round)

Version 01.74

- layouts: tons of fixes (many objects were still misaligned since last update)

- shop: PCML launcher price decreased from 2000cr to 1500cr

- visible lines for 'strategic-mode' are now a little bit more visible

(We will update the servers as soon as possible.)

Version 01.73a

- shop: added the MXM 6.5 mm (Black), MX 3GL 6.5 mm (Black), MX SW 6.5 mm (Black) and MX 6.5 mm (Black) to BLUFOR

- layout fix: East, North II and South West II were objects misaligned

Version 01.73

- script fix: object marker script sometimes overlapped with the flag names

- North updated (rework finished)

Version 01.72

- bugfix: If you have no room in your inventory anymore and buy something to your inventory over the shop, it simply disappears (thanks to jRog for a script solution)

- East updated, now with lighting at all areas you have to capture

Version 01.71

- script: void_map_marker script implemented. Now you will see the custom set objects drawn as grey rectengular markers on the map

Version 01.70

- shop: BTR-K Kamysh price decreased to 17 000cr

- shop: ZSU-39 Tigris price decreased to 14 000cr

- cargo: Zafir LMG removed from the cargo of BTR-K Kamysh and ZSU-39 Tigris

- shop: added 10 First Aid Kits to the Nato Ammo Box and East Ammo Box

- script: the Nato Ammo Box and East Ammo Box show now the custom items for all players independently from the buyer

- bugfix: sometimes after respawn, you just stayed on the ground and couldn't get up anymore (note: if it really is fixed, will only show the open field test)

- droneshop: MQ4A Greyhawk and K40 Ababil-3 price increased to 30 000cr

Version 01.69

- bugfix: Rangefinder duplicated after each death in the inventory

- diary: added 'How to play CTI' instruction manual

- diary: added 'SERVER RULES'

- script: more optimizations

- script: vehicle respawn for the boats added

Version 01.68

- shop: added more classes to the Gear Menu: Main Weapons, Main Magazines, Pistols, Optics, Rocket Launcher, Explosives, Items, Backpacks, Clothes

- shop: added Pistols Zubr .45 (incl. Yorris J2 optic) and 4-five .45 (incl. MRD optic) for 800cr to the shops

- shop: RPG Launcher price increased to 1 000cr

- shop: CRV-6e Bobcat price decreased to 9 000cr

- shop: IFV-6c Panther price decreased to 14 000cr

- shop: IFV-6c Cheetah price increased to 15 000cr

- shop: BTR-K Kamysh price increased to 18 500cr (due to the cargo contains the Zafir LMG)

- shop: ZSU-39 Tigris price increased to 15 500cr (due to the cargo contains the Zafir LMG)

- shop: Rangefinder price increased to 500cr

- bugfix: you couldn't lock/unlock the BTR-K Kamysh or ZSU-39 Tigris

- bugfix: if you were to close to the HQ buildings, the BTR-K Kamysh and ZSU-39 Tigris were spawned inside the buildings and exploded

Version 01.67a

- hotfix: it wasn't possible to buy vehicles in the base and flags

- hotfix: in the beginning of the mission, players spawned at the airfield instead of the bases

- layouts: North updated by baZti

Version 01.67

- cargo: removed Zafir from the weapon cargo of the BTR-K Kamysh and ZSU-39 Tigris

- shop: Zafir LMG added to BLUFOR and OPFOR shop for 13 500cr

- shop: MXM price decreased to 1700cr

- shop: MK18 ABR/DMS Rahim price increased to 2500cr

- shop: TWS Optic price decreased to 25 000cr. Nightstalker Optic price decreased to 30 000cr

- shop: All non-zoom optics price increased to 100cr. RCO/MRCO/ARCO/NVS price increased to 500cr

- shop: Carryall Backpack price increased to 300cr. Field Pack price increased to 200cr. Assault Pack price increased to 100cr

- radar: vehicle radare re-enabled

- layouts: all layouts date changed to a 'full moon' date for the night, East and Cove updated by baZti

- shop: added new Custom Ammo Box for BLUFOR and OPFOR for 1000cr

Version 01.66

- script: heavy syntax and script optimization

Some layouts show even flags, which are not used - we working on a hotfix and it will be implemented over the night.

Version 01.65

- debug: I did a lot of scripterror-debug

- shop: added TWS optic for 30000 and Nightstalker optic for 35000

- lift script: UGVs are now liftable with the Ghosthawk and Mohawk

- layouts updated by baZti: many additions/fixes at North 2 with complete reworked areas, Central & Central II: two ramps added at the north of Biolabs for quicker entering

- layouts updated by void: Stratis

Version 01.64

- layout West-Coast: Date changed. Now the night has full moon

- layout West-Coast: shop has now the NVG optic again

- layout North II: Date changed. Now the night has full moon before the dawn

- script: Created 'ProtectionZone_Invisible_F' at the respawn island. Now you cannot get killed if someone attacks the island while you're waiting for respawn

- script: Radar overlay covers now all of the radar beneath

- script: Respawn script tweaked. You shouldn't wait for the map to open now after the respawn timer ran out

- script: Added ppEffects. If you're being shot and wait for respawn, you now have a blurry field of view as long as you get revived or click on 'Respawn'

- script: PreCompiled a script. It should now run overall a little bit faster

Version 01.63

- fixed: due to the change of name of the MHQ (from BETA to BRAVO) you couldn't spawn at the MHQ BRAVO anymore

- shop: added Flashlight and IR Laser Pointer to Items

- shop: switched Rangefinder from Weapons to Items

- shop: sorted the vehicles and items accoring to their price

- Layout West-Coast: Removed the NVS optic

- Layout West-Coast: Added an EventHandler to the player, so if he takes a NVG from a dead NPC, it will be deleted

- disabled: Thermal Imaging (TI) of all 'Land' and 'Ship' class, but still works for the 'Air' class

- shop: Mi-48 Kajman changed to Mi-48 Kajman (black)

- shop: Mi-48 Kajman (black) price now decreased to 42 000 and PO-30 Orca Armed to 36 000

- shop: added RPG HE Rocket for OPFOR

- Hotfix: added showChat true loop for enabling the chat every 10 seconds

- disabled: created an overlay for the radar so it will show as disabled - still works for UAVs

- shop: increased the price for the PCML launcher to 1000 and for the rockets to 500 due to it can perform lock-on

- UAV shop: increased the price for Greyhawk/Ababil to 27000 and for the CAS version of these UAVs to 15000

- UAV shop: sorted the UAVs according to their price

- script: added the real weather script provided by armaholic - temporary for testing

HOTFIX TO v1.63a

- script: real weather script removed due to it's massive performance hit

- shop: PCML launcher price increased to 2000. PCML rocket price decreased to 250

Version 01.62

- Playermarker are now the marker, in which the player is in (vehicle, air, etc) and doesn't change the marker of all other players

- UAV marker implemented. You will now see the UAVs of your faction on the map and who is controlling it - if it is controlled.

- All playermarkers are now faction specified. This means, unique markers for OPFOR and BLUFOR.

- Renamed the MHQ BETA to BRAVO

Version 01.61

- 'Who is EUTW' added to the diary section

- Additional points for capturing a flag decreased to 5

- 'ProtectionZone_Invisible_F' implemented. You are now unable to attack or lock-on within 55 metres around the base

- Flagshop adjusted: Hunter/Ifrit cost 1500Cr, the HMG cost 6000Cr

- Groupmanagement tweaked: You now have to push and hold TAB for the group menu to show up. Colors changed for easier view

- Layout West Coast: Remove all NVGs from the player and from the shop

- Player marker reworked: Now it will show if you're in a car, armored vehicle, tank, air, static weapon or service vehicle. The infantry playermarker will now be unique for OPFOR and BLUFOR

- East, South-West 2 and North-West updated by baZti

Version 01.60

- If you revive a teammember, +1 will be added to your scoreboard

- Notifications overall a little bit tweaked

- Shopmenu in the captured area is now coming up quicker

- The "available for capture" markercolor has been removed (had to be because of another bug)

Version 01.59

- Bug fix: It was not possible to respawn at a MHQ after it was once destroyed and respawned again.

- Added to shop: 5rnd 12.7mm APDS Mag for GM6 Lynx (OPFOR)

- You now earn 10 points if you capture a point

- Flag shop: You now can buy for BLUFOR: Quad, Hunter OPFOR: Quad, Ifrit

- HQ shop: Disabled the Unit shop menu

- Added: Notification if the MHQ has been destroyed and if it is available again

- Added: Notification if a town has been captured by the player side. Also if a town has been taken by the opposite side.

Version 01.58


- you now spawn random between 100-150 metres around the captured area

- if you respawn, you can now click on the MHQ to spawn directly there. You do not need to move to the base anymore (you cannot spawn at a destroyed MHQ)

- if you still own the majority (55/100) of your captured area you can spawn there. As soon as it is below 55/100, you can no longer spawn at this area

- refreshtime for the playermarker changed from 10 to 5 seconds

- changelog of the missions in the diary section added

- the Zafir will now be deleted from the player if he takes it from a vehicle (the Zafir is not allowed in this mission at the moment)

- new groupmanagement menu implemented - push and hold T down to get in the action menu

- Layout East updatet by baZti


-[EUTW]- adnigcx changed his name to -[EUTW]- void

Version 01.57


- added instruction whiteboard for 'how to use UAV's' next to the drone shop

- added Mortar Bipod Backpack (1000Cr) and Mortar Tube Backpack (10000Cr) to the shop (do not use it from mainbase area or ban)

- added instruction whiteboard for 'how to use mortars'

- added EUTW info-whiteboard

- Itemdelete intervall from 130 s to 180 s increased

- respawn waiting time to 15 seconds decreased

- you now can spawn into your captured areas if you still have at least 50/100 in your control, beneath that, respawn is not possible anymore

- playermarker is now again the square, but now in the OPFOR or BLUFOR colour

- layout East updated by baZti

Version 01.56

Changelog (with hotfix)

- Service Points do not cost anything for now

- playermarker are now arrows in BLUFOR or OPFOR color. If the player is in an vehicle, it will show a rectangle and its direction is north (buggy, still work in progress)

- captureable areas are now shown in green instead of orange for better view

- respawn radius for the areas changed from 100m-200m to 100m-150m

- findEmptyPosition for the vehicle spawn in the base from 5-20m to 10-40m changed

- attached a picture to the UAV shop

- Pawnee price increased to 18000Cr

- UAV's Greyhawk and Ababil price decreased to 21000Cr

- Orca Armed price decreased to 38000Cr

- Layout East by baZti updatet (new castle ruins added & many more)

Version 01.55


- changed UAV shop (whiteboard) to Military Cargo House and placed it beside the HQ-tower

- moved the flagpole and added NATO, respectively CSAT flagpole (just for the looks)

- slightly moved the player respawn location beneath the HQ

- you can now spawn inside towns as long as they're not captured beneath 5/100 points

- random spawn radius in the towns tweaked: you now spawn between 100 metres and 200 metres around the flag

- removed Rahim 7.62 from BLUFOR and MK18 ABR from OPFOR (including their respective ammunition)

- MQ4A Greyhawk and K40 Ababil-3 cost from 18000Cr to 25000Cr increased

- capturing timer from 30 seconds each tick to 40 seconds increased

- fixed: if you buy a vehicle in base, it now doesn't spawn near an object, but at the towns it spawn near you

- Waypoints of town-defending NPC from 5 to 3 points decreased (performance)



- layout Central II: accidently deleted one flag pole -> major performance problem fixed

- layout West: UAV service points added

- service points now cost 1500Cr to get it to work

- you now can teleport at both flag poles in the base to the MHQ's

- UAV service points protective walls removed

- Lock/Unlock action menu doesn't pop up in the middle of the screen anymore when player is inside vehicle

Version 01.54


- UAV shop added; you now can buy Greyhawk, Greyhawk (CAS), Quadcopter and Stomper (RCWS) at the whiteboard

- UAV Terminal added to the shop

- 5 points will be added to the scoreboard for capturing a town (reworked , not tested yet!)

Version 01.53


- you now can respawn inside the captured area as long as it is over 50/100. (new: you will spawn at a random location around 150 metres)

- capture radius from 50 metres to 60 metres increased

- capture radius now shown as a circle on the map

- the flag is now shown as dot on the map

- not more than 3 people inside the capture radius will accelerate the capturing process

Version 01.52


- new layout: North II by NoXiD

- due problems with the respawn, old =BTC=_Revive re-implemented

- small fixes in layout Stratis

- Autorifleman with Recon Demo Specialist exchanged in layout East

Version 01.51

- new version of =BTC= Revive implemented

- respawn time from 10 seconds to 20 seconds increased

- layout West strategic mode fixed between (2)-(6) and (1)-(5)

- layout South-East renamed in East and small changes. A new South-East is in the making..

- Independent AT Soldier added to the flags at the beginning (now Marksman, Squadleader, 2x Automatic Rifleman and AT Soldier)

- NPC's removed from the shops (more PVP friendly and AI in vehicles sucks)

Version 01.50


- "forced Terrain Detail" is now "High" instead "Low" (you can now see gras on higher distance)

- RCO readded, ARCO removed from BLUFOR

- you now getting money for "all" killed Independent (AAF) soldiers

- layouts updatet: West Coast & South East

Version 01.49


- Thermal Optics removed

- Buyprotection removed (due buy problems at the flag points)

  1. Price-Updates Weapons:
- TitanAA

1.250cr -> 4.000cr

- TitanAT (Compact)

1.000cr -> 4.000cr

  1. Price-Updates Vehicles:

- Mi-48 Kajman 45.000cr -> 48.000cr

- AH-99 Blackfoot 40.000cr -> 43.000cr

- AH-9 Pawnee 21.000cr -> 13.000cr

- updatet layout: West Coast (addition: will will fix the fps issues)

Version 01.48


- new layout: West Coast

- new EUTW flag added

- big changes/improvements at layout: South-East

Version 01.47


- SLAM Mine to the shop added

- AT Rifleman to NPC Shop added

- more hats added:

-> OPFOR Bandanna (Tan)

-> BLUFOR Bandanna (Khaki), ECH (Light) [renamend from Helm B Light], ECH (Spraypaint) [renamend from Helm B Paint]

- fixed fog and wind settings at each layout

- parachute (and more backpacks) to the shop added: -> Carryall Backpack (MTP) & (Hex) [renamed from Big Backpack], Assault Pack (MTP) & (Hex) [renamed from Middle Backpack], Field Pack (Coyote) & (Hex)

- tweaked respawn timer

- ZAFIR removed from both teams and the MK200 added for Autorifleman instead (ZAFIR is to overpowered)

- findEmptyPosition to the buyscript added, so vehicle won't spawn near or inside the basebuilding anymore

- Shemag (Khaki) added to BLUFOR and removed from OPFOR

- Shemag (Tan) added to OPFOR

- 200Rnd Box 6.5mm and 200Rnd Box 6.5mm Tracer added to OPFOR and BLUFOR in the shop

- Glasses added to both sides: -> Tactical Glasses, Spectacle Glasses, Combat Goggles, Low Profile Goggles, Tactical Shades

- various magazines and weapons in the shop correctly named

- you now earn 5 points for capturing a town

- minor changes

- a lot improvements at layout: South-East

Version 01.46


- changed primary weapon from MX-SW to ZAFIR for BLUFOR Autorifleman and added 3 magazines

- 7.62mm 150Rnd Box & Tracer ammunition added in BLUFOR shop

- APERS Bounding Mine & APERS Mine added to the shops

- Spawnprotection increased to 300m

- Layout Central II: southern startingpoint slightly moved

- Cargoscript fixed: Vehicles were liftable, but couldn't be released anymore

- Standard Ammo Box (AAF) added to the shops

- Hats added:

-> BLUFOR: Beret (Black), Beanie (Sage), Cap (Blue), Shemag (Olive)

-> OPFOR: Beret (Red), Cap (Blue), Shemag (Khaki)

- respawn waiting time increased to 10 seconds

- new Layout by adnigcx: Stratis

- new Layout by baZti: South-East (with fixed fog/wind settings and one easter egg)

- Layout East renamed in North-East

Version 01.45

Second update within 24h.


- distance between MHQ A&B increased 2m -> 4m

- headquarter building exchanged

- changed flag for OPFOR

- new cleanup system implemented 120s dead bodies, 130s wracks (vehicles), 140s dropped weapons/items

- Ghosthawk skin changed to black

- spawn/TK - protection in HQ reworked

- color-coded base areas implemented

- visible lines for "strategic-mode" are now thicker

- minor changes / debugging (!)

Version 01.44


- CH-49 Mohawk added to OPFOR

- "cargo system" integrated. You can now lift vehicles with: -> UH-80 Ghosthawk (Blufor) & CH-49 Mohawk (Opfor)

- new HQ - protection, including protection for enemy attacks -> you can't teamkill in base or throw smoke grenades (in base) anymore!

- headquarters are generally fixed (not movable) as of now -> they now have a building instead of a truck and boxes

- upon the adjustments: seconed MHQ on each side integrated -> but: you can't lift the MHQ!

- "Lock/Unlock" is now color-coded (with yellow)

- new layout added: west-coast

- minor changes at other layouts

- itemclear & bodyclear decreased 600s -> 120s

- Sochor, Scorcher und Sandstorm removed

Version 01.43

New update is out now.


- we now offering 10 layouts/maps

>> more infos <<

- (sector-) inscriptions removed

- much more diversified gameplay @ Cove and North-West (improved strategic mode)

- minor changes at other layouts

- appropriate mission names

- AI partly decreased (very good for server fps/performance)

- timeframe for revive decreased 600s -> 120s

- BLUFOR/OPFOR ammo basic (crate) reduced 750cr -> 450cr

Version 01.42


- minimum distance to flags for placing mainbase increased 400m -> 800m

- capturing-area increased 35m -> 50m

- new loading screen - new symbol for service points - one new layout (with surprise :D) and changes at mission names


Southside (13), Eastside (12), Central (9), Westside Small (8), North Small (8)

- With new rotation

- Connection ("Strategic Mode") between Factory and Agios Stamma (Layout West small) removed



- now 6 layouts, West (9) added

- "SpeedOfSound" and "ShackTac Fireteam HUD" addons are now allowed. You can use it, or not, it's your choice.

Version 01.41

  1. Patchnotes!

- reduced startingfounds 10.000cr -> 5.000cr

  1. Price-Updates Weapons:

- TitanAA reduced 2.000cr -> 1.250cr - TitanAT reduced 1.500cr -> 1000cr - TitanAP reduced 750cr -> 500cr - PCML/RPG reduced 500cr -> 250cr - Launcher´s PCML/RPG reduced 1.500cr -> 500cr - Launcher TitanMrlp / TitanCompact reduced 2.500/2.000cr -> 1.000cr

  1. Price-Updates Vehicles:

- Orca Armed increased 28.000cr -> 39.000cr - AH99 Blackfoot reduced 53.000cr -> 43.000cr - Kajman reduced 53.000cr -> 45.000cr - Anti Air Tanks reduced 19.000cr -> 14.000cr